Two happy achievements this week

130520124036First, I have not only finished the cuff on the second sock but also the heel flap, turning the heel and most of the “gusset” (is it just me who struggles with the fact that socks have gussets?). So that feels pretty good. Secondly, I did 20miles on the bike yesterday, so feel as if I’ve earned some crafting time this week. Colours for the remainder of the Babette section are in my head, which at least is a start.

I’m starting to decide what the next projects will be, after these two. I think knitting will be another pair of socks, whilst it is spring and there is no rush, a hat (ditto) and something for a new nephew/nieceling. I hope you’ve all had a good week and thank you for bearing with me during these last few not very productive weeks. K x


18 thoughts on “Two happy achievements this week

  1. Gusset is a word that I’m not sure I even know what it means, is it around the waist normally….nope, don’t know.

    Your second sock is looking good, nice and stripey which is always good….have you ever tried those two at a time socks, they sound a good idea but very complicated don’t you think? I think I may jump on board with some socks so I must do some research.

    • It’s the bit that’s always cotton in M&S pants 😉

      I haven’t tried the two at a time socks, I did look at the tutorial but it uses magic loop, and I rather love my dpns..

  2. 20 miles…awesome and congrats. I’ve only managed about 4 at a time so far; not thrilled about riding in traffic, so tend to look for places in the neighborhood. I do make most of my store runs now on the bike…not much at a time, just what I can put in my basket. Love the sock colors.

    • Thank you!
      I think the shortest journeys can make such a big difference, as there’s a lot less gas used and the time difference is negligable with the shorter trips. 4 miles doesn’t seem long on a bike, but imagine how long it would take to walk it!

  3. Well done! A sock AND bike riding–sounds like a productive week to me. I am glad to know that I am not the only one having some unproductive time lately. The mind is willing but the time is weak. 🙂

    • Hugs! Life would be so much more pleasant if we could always find time for the things that enrich and recharge us. I hope things turn around for you this week x

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