Finding a balance

Life is feeling more even now. I’ve done another 8 round square for baby Babette, and will do a handful of 4-round squares this week to finish the current section. I am about 3 rounds from starting the toe on 200520124042the second sock, so am confident that next week’s post will finally have a finished object to show off! Crochet has been harder than knitting this week, as my favourite scissors have disappeared (I forgot which safe place I put them in), and having interrupted Small Girl’s determined attempts to cut her hair with the plastic kiddy scissors, I’ve been sticking to the project that doesn’t require scissors close at hand for colour changes.

Is anyone else starting to think about next year’s Year of Projects? There are some gorgeous patterns and projects popping up on my Friends’ Activities and I think I’ll have baby Babette, these socks, and another small project finished by the end of the current project year.

In other news, I’ve cycled 70miles so far in May, and the weather forecast leads me to hope that I might just be able to reach 100 by the end of the month. That would be a great achievement for me. Good luck to everyone reading who’s been out on their bikes too, it’s hard getting going but it feels so darned satisfying to watch the miles clocking up. Almost as satisfying as approaching the end of my first pair of socks, in fact!


10 thoughts on “Finding a balance

  1. Way to go with your bike miles. My knees have been swollen all week because of a rediculous work schedule and too many continuous hours on my feet, so…I’ve not been on my bike lately. Shortly plan to take yarn outside, sit down with ice pack on again. Hope you find your scizzors.

  2. Yay on the bike miles! You’ll be thrilled when you reach 100 miles (and when you finish all those projects).

  3. What is it about kids cutting their own hair? 🙂 I hope you find your scissors, and I know all about those “special hiding places”–my back up glasses are hanging out in one and have been for several months–it was a REALLY special place! Your babettes are so pretty and such accomplishments–as well as your bike riding totals. I am not a bike rider, but am trying to get back into walking now that the weather is getting nicer.
    Happy yarning–

  4. I know exactly what you mean about craft scissors, I have some fabric scissors which were cheapish, but are brilliant, I get a bit twitchy when my hubby picks them up to use them for something else!

    Looking forward to seeing your socks next week 😉

    I have been plugging in the pedometer on my iPod when I walk the dog and it’s very satisfying to watch them clock up.

    Have a great week and hope all hair stays the correct length.

  5. How wonderful that you’ve been biking so much this month! Your baby babette is looking so lovely … you really do have such a way with color!

  6. At least hair grows back 😉

    Love the colours in this new Babette. It’s going to be very striking. I’m definitely in for another Year of Projects; it’s been very good discipline for me and I’ve learned tons of new things!

  7. Oh boy, the fascination of scissors and little girls! Both of mine snipped off some of their hair; thank goodness you couldn’t really tell. However, my cousin’s attempt at beauty parlor was very apparent.
    Ooh! A baby Babette! It will be awesome like its Mama.

  8. I love the square. It’s good to hear you’ve found a balance you’re happy with. There’s something very tempting about hair and scissors for small children!

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