A busy old week, but lots of pictures!

Sometimes a week is so manic, that like the Grand Canyon, you only realise its true scale once you can step back some distance and gain a little perspective. This last week has seen the Mister away in Europe, my mum coming to stay to help out in his absence (hugely appreciated), a mammogram, ultrasound & breast exam (mine, all clear) and a full-on tummy bug (Small Girl’s). Luckily, the week is finishing in rather better fashion than it started although Small Girl is still suffering a bit and won’t be going to any Jubilee parties this weekend. It’s no wonder that most of yesterday and today has been spent in a grateful haze of crafting and cuddling, in between trying to stay on top of the laundry and viewing a myriad of wonderful looking Jubilee celebrations online.

Here’s what I’ve been working on over the last fortnight.

020620124104The Ribbed Socks for Bigger Feet are finished, and I am wearing them today. I feel I should clarify that I have fairly typical sized feet, but the name differentiates the pattern from another Spud and Chloe pattern for children’s socks. On the whole I’m very happy with them. Lessons learned are to drop down a needle size from 2.75mm to 2.5mm, and to try some in a yarn with a higher wool content. A little less ribbing would be nice too. I put them on the sock blockers, which do strike me as one of the most bizarre gadgets ever, but which make me happy nonetheless. They look just like proper socks!

Baby Babette has been on the back burner, so to speak. I’ve done the 4 squares needed to finish the current section and plan to 030620124118catch up on all the joining and ends over this rainy holiday weekend. Then there will be two more sections and the edging left to do before my friend’s baby arrives later in July.

020620124109I’ve cast on the lovely Vanilla Latte Socks in Natural Dye Studio Sphinx, colourway Dragonfly. So pretty! The wool is British Falkland Merino, bought from Jumble-Jelly, as were the Cubics needles. I love these, they are so precise and easy to use.


I also cast on the sock-weight version of the Felicity hat, but sadly had to frog before the urge to throw the whole lot in the bin got too strong. I don’t know what it is about me and sock-weight Rico yarns, but we just don’t get on. It was sticking and splitting as I knitted, then broke as I was frogging. I picked up some Lang Mille Colori from Crafty-Yarn  and will try that instead.

Finally, another wonderful Marks &Spencer combination of functionality, design and chocolate. A little tin which did hold foil-wrapped Jubilee chocolate discs and when empty is exactly the right size for Knit Pro sock needles Smile Happy Jubilee weekend to you all, thank you for reading!



9 thoughts on “A busy old week, but lots of pictures!

  1. Sorry Small Girl is under the weather. Tummy bugs are no fun.
    What a cute tin for your needles. I forgot to Tivo the Jubiliee celebration. I so want to visit London one day.
    Your ribbed socks are such happy ones. The blues are great.

  2. I wouldn’t use any less than 20% nylon in sock yarn. It helps to make the yarn more durable as you wear. I have socks that are nearly 4 years old now with 25% nylon, but 100% wool socks got holes within 3 months 😦 your socks look fabulous though!

  3. So sorry about Small Girl–tummy bugs are the worst. I am sorry you are missing jubilee parties–what an exciting time in your corner of the world. One of my year 2 goals will be to knit a pair of socks! Yours are an inspiration to me –so pretty. And the Babette? I can’t stress enough how much I love the way yours turn out.
    Hope this week brings renewed health and some sunshine to boot!

  4. The stripy ribbed socks are fantastic! I’m glad small girl is feeling a bit better, it’s a shame she has to miss out on the parties.

  5. Your socks are amazing, like off the peg socks, really impressed!

    Love your new tin, m&s are very good at what they do aren’t they?

    Hope you get to fit in some fun sunshiny days this week and that small girl wakes up tomorrow feeling properly better and ready to go again.x

    • Hi Emma!

      Congratulations on putting the scarf pattern up on Ravelry. It looks stunning.

      Re the sock blockers, I bought them from http://www.crafty-yarn.co.uk/ which is one of my LYS. They don’t have them on the website, but I’m fairly sure I saw some in store recently and I’m sure they would mail them out. The owner is Abby, if you wanted to get in touch and ask. Otherwise I can have a look the next time I’m there? I’ve tossed the packaging but they were either Knit Picks or Knit Pro.

      I can’t believe the year is nearly up. I’ve been plotting my next Year of Projects this morning when I should be cleaning the kitchen.

      Have a lovely (short!) week!

      Kate x

  6. sorry small girl wasn’t feeling well, as a mom, I hate when my little one is feeling bad and I can’t fix it. I do cherish the cuddle time though, as it is rare now. As always, I have sock envy, and am still loving baby babette

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