A quiet week

A long holiday weekend, half-term and a shiny new smartphone all meant not much crafting time this week. I therefore present one small but perfectly formed Babette square and a bit more sock. The other socks have emerged from their first machine-wash all soft and fluffy.
Happy new week everyone!


5 thoughts on “A quiet week

  1. Doesn’t routine take the backseat when there’s some bank holidays in the mix? I can’t figure out where the week went, and I really haven’t done half of what I should have.

    Your sock is looking very impressive and your square too!

    Have a good week.

  2. As always, I love your Babette colors-and your sock is lovely too. We are approaching summer holidays here,and while it means more down time from school for my son, I still have to work! (bah!) But we will hopefully have more relaxed evenings and I do have a 2 week vacation from work at the end of July–I have not taken 2 weeks off in a row in the 7 years I have been back in the work force.

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