Project list for my second year of projects!

Hello again, old friends and new, welcome (back) to my blog. I can’t believe it’s a year since starting the last YoP. In the interests of speed, this post will be straight text with links to patterns but in the future there’ll be a mix of text and pictures. I’m afterglow on Ravelry, if anyone wants to look at my projects, and everything from last year and currently in progress is on this blog too.

I started out with quite a long and involved list. Then I remembered that I still want to ride 100 miles on my bike every month, that there’s a house to clean, some learning to do and my knitting is on the slow end of the speed spectrum. Small Girl is starting school in September, and I’m doing a refresher maths course in preparation for starting an Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting course in November.  So I’m simplifying my list.

First project is to finish my Baby Babette blanket. This won’t take long, as my friend’s baby is due via the sunroof in little over a fortnight and I’ve just finished section 6 of 7, bar the ends. It’s going to be close. Yarn is a mixture of Rico Creative Cotton and Lang Tissa (left over from the first Babette).

A blanket for my new nephew. I would love to do a pinwheel blanket, I think that would be perfect once I can actually start the darn thing off (I may have had several failed starts already).

A sock yarn Felicity hat for a sister who has been waiting most patiently. Luckily, she lives in one of the warmer corners of Europe so there’s not too much of a rush. This project has also seen a couple of failed starts, due to yarn issues. The first Felicity I did was lovely so I have high hopes for this one too.

For me, I would like to make a shawl. I have a yen for this lovely Veera Valimaki  Line Break.

Last, but not at all least, I was hugely impressed by Minding My Own Stitches’ year of socks and was  inspired to make my first ever pair –  Ribbed Socks for Bigger Feet. I love them, and am therefore going to make 3 pairs of socks from Alice Yu’s Socktopus book, as well as finishing the current Vanilla Latte pair. Honey Badger and Hermione’s  Everyday Socks are tempting me too. That’s six pairs in total, which will give me a week’s worth of Real Socks by this time next year. What a fantastic opportunity to buy more sock yarn, I swear that some of the Lorna’s Laces voices in my head won’t actually stop shouting at me until I buy a couple more colourways.

Thanks for reading, and good luck everyone with your projects! My plan for today is some food shopping, some Babette and catching up on the new YoP blog posts… I’m going to be busy, in a good way.


26 thoughts on “Project list for my second year of projects!

  1. That’s a lot of socks 🙂 Hehe. I want an excuse to do a babette blanket of some size, maybe I’ll just make one for myself (because “me” projects are always good). Good luck on your list this year!

    • Thank you! Babette is lovely, but definitely a high-maintenance kind of project (in the joining and ends, not so much the crochet). I figured that 6 pairs of socks was one sock per month, which is quite attainable, if rather boring when blogged about.

  2. Lovely to see you back again and I’m really looking forward to seeing Baby Babette, especially after your first one. Love your lined up projects and Felicity is on my list as is Hermione’s Everyday socks. I love the shawl you’ve chosen for yourself and how great would it be to have Real Socks by this time next year.

  3. I look forward to seeing your Babette. I started it a few years ago and recently donated my squares to charity. It was too much for me.

    • oh that’s hard, I’m sorry. I’m sure your squares are having a second lease of life though. I sew mine up as I go and it seems to be a little less daunting, every time I think I’ve had enough another beautiful unexpected colour combination will come along and inspire me again. Definitely no more after this one though!

  4. your first babette was gorgeous and cannot wait to see baby babette! great list, way to remind yourself about the realities of life and keep your list attainable! that is a lesson i learned the hard way last year! way to go!

    • Thank you! Baby Babette should be coming soon, I’m on the last 12round square, after this one there’s a handful of 6 and 4 round squares, about 200 ends and a border!

  5. Your Babette was gorgeous so am really looking forward to seeing Baby Babette when completed. Your list is grand and I think you will manage to complete it all!

    • Thank you! I think I should get it done too, it’s a lot more modest than my initial list! And at least this one doesn’t have any full-size blankets on it.

  6. You mean you change your socks everyday? 😉

    Looking forward to following your progress, what’s a pinwheel blanket? I shall go check it on rav….I hope it’s not the one on my list, as I can’t be doing with anything complicated!

    Have a good week!

    • Well, I don’t always wear socks every day, but by the time they’ve been over what’s been spilled on the kitchen floor each day… Have a look at “Spiral blanket of awesomeness” if you’re trying to find a pinwheel on Rav. I do love the geometry of them, but starting off with so few stitches is a real challenge. It should be a piece of cake once the first few rounds are done.

  7. Glad to have been an enabler *wink*. Looks like some very good sock pattern choices, but of course a lot of the fun is in buying the yarn. I like to try different ones from different indie dyers. I also find looking through other Ravelers’ projects gives me a good idea of how much or how little variegation I’m likely to want in the yarn.

    Can’t wait to see the next Babette. Loved the first one.

    As for the various attempts – we’ve all had them but some don’t admit it 🙂 Don’t they say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything? I think it’s true. Usually the road to awesome FOs is littered with fails 🙂

    • I may have to borrow your last sentence there as a new strapline for this blog – so true! I do have a very poorly hidden hidden agenda of checking out more sock yarns. Thank you. I’m very pleased with how the baby Babette is coming along, it has a quite a different colour identity to the first one even though it shares many of the same yarns.

  8. my sock envy has grown so much that I’ve asked for a sock class for my birthday this year. Traditionally, I ask for Godiva chocolate, but I’m willing to sacrifice! Can’t wait to see baby babette, either.

  9. A great list for the year! The babes in your life are ever so lucky and loved to receive your blankets. They are keepsakes for sure. The Line Break pattern is in my favorites as one I would like to make–maybe next year’s yop?
    Have a lovely week–

  10. This is my first visit to your blog and I have to tell you I love the name. It makes me smile. I’m new to YoP this year and I’m excited to see lots of great projects and meet lots of new people. Have fun and good luck!

  11. That sounds like a great, achievable list. I love the idea of having a week’s worth of socks by the end of the year! I’m not a sock-knitter myself, but I know friends who always have a pair on the go, and the sock yarns you can get are so lovely now.

    Look forward to the updates 🙂

  12. I love your YOP’s! I am making socks this year for the first time and I have BIG feet so I was interested to see the BIG FEET pattern! LOL! I may need it! I also really like your blankets and would love to see the pinwheel pattern. Good luck to you and lovely finished project!

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