Darn pesky ends

7 sections to this blanket, 7 are finished. 44 squares made and joined intoWP_000440 these sections. There are now about 70 ends remaining to weave in, which I think I can do this evening before joining sections 6 and 7 to the main body. Learn from my slothfulness – do ends as you go! Most of those ends are from one single section too Sad smile Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be able to start the border, which shouldn’t take too long. This is such a difficult set of colours to photograph, and none of these pictures really do the blanket justice. I’ll get a photo outdoors in the sun before sending it off to my friend.


The sock has not yet moved from its naughty corner on the mantelpiece. I will take it to JJ for rescue, but that might not be til the school holidays finish. Luckily, I have spare sock yarn and I can always buy a fresh set of needles to start a fresh pair. I also picked up some yarn this week with the intent of breaking whatever hex is on starting the Felicity hat. Except of course I bought dk, and the hat needs either fingering or worsted. I think I might get by with dk and an increased needle size, as I did with the last one.

WP_000390Domestically, this week was something of a mixed bag. Small Girl’s tummy bug had a 3 day reprise and the Mister has just gone to Vegas for a week. The last day of nursery is tomorrow, though we will be making use of their summer club for a couple of mornings a week. By “a couple” I mean “3”, most likely. I sold my first adult bike on ebay and now have a glorious bargain steel-framed mixte that is perfect for nipping into town and that makes me smile every time I ride it. There’s a new leather saddle coming too. We’ve bought Small Girl’s first ever school uniform, and the sun is shining for the first time all summer (really). So I suppose I can’t really grumble about a few ends.


15 thoughts on “Darn pesky ends

  1. Loving this blanket, its so great and the colours together are just great, brght and cheerful. I have the Felicity hat on my list so can’t wait to see yours and that is just the best looking bike, perfect for tips to town.

  2. There is always good reason to moan about ends….they suck! The blanket looks great…what colours are you using for the border?

    The bike is looking good, I’m keen to get us all out cycling this hols, but hubby needs himself a bike first…the handy man that he is, last time we went to centre parcs, he managed to cross thread my pedal when putting it back on, and it feels all squonky now. Not good! Mind, doesn’t really hide the fact I am useless at cycling!

  3. There is never a good time to weave in ends. Even if you leave them all to the very end, it’s no better than doing them as you go. Hopefully you have a perfect day – sunny with a few clouds – to get the finished picture. I just love these Babette blankets!

  4. Ugh, ends, the bane of my life. I have leant the hard way to sew in as I go but that doesn’t mean I enjoy it. I love your blanket though, it’s gorgeous.

  5. Love this blanket! I had to put it in my FAVS cuz it is just way too cute and the colors are wonderful! You are almost done and yeah…I could not wait until I had that many to weave in….too painful. LOL! You’ve done a marvelous job on it and how sweet of you to give as a gift. What’s next?

  6. I love the bike..we have a bike trail that runs through every little community here..it is over 40 miles long..I used to love it but now it is so crowded in the summer that I had to stop riding it..kinda defeats the purpose of having a lovely trail!

  7. Love love the ghan, sorry for all those ends. I would probably do 10 at a time and then do something else, or maybe only work on them for 10 minutes at a time. Fabulous bike….if we lived closer together, we could go for a ride. Mine is an old bike but I love it. Need air in the tire at the moment, been awhile since it’s been nice enough weather to want to pedal.

  8. The blanket is looking amazing, hope weaving in the ends wasn’t too tedious! And I hope Small Girl is feeling better, it must be so exciting that she’s starting school!

  9. Wait a minute, the Babette is a gift for a friend??? She better name her next child for you, or donate a kidney or something first. It is far too lovely to give away. I hope small girl feels better soon. I buy really good chocolate and reward myself for every ten ends I do. I tried it with really good wine first, but it just resulted in some very sloppy seaming.

    • Hi Pip

      I hope you’re feeling better soon and get to go home. How are you and your gorgeous family doing?

      I just got this comment through on my blog which absolutely creased me up, especially as the blanket was only ever being made for you 🙂 I love her blog, she introduced me to “Mimosa Day” ie the first day of school in the autumn term. I’ll wrap up the ends this weekend and get it posted off to you.

      Kate x

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