August? Already? Oops.

Apologies for the lack of a post last week, and apologies to those on the second page of the Rav update thread whose blogs I didn’t get to comment on last week. Here’s an update for you all and I promise to do better and get round all your updates this week.

Baby Babette is FINISHED, ends all done, and has been packed up in bird-print WP_000505paper and delivered with a bird-print card to a gorgeous brand new boy with a  gorgeous bird name (incidentally not “puffin”, which I dreamt was his middle name in the impatient wait for his arrival). While I’m here, I should exempt his lovely mother from the need to promise a kidney or her next-born as a token of gratitude as Misty at WoolyMammoth suggested Smile. When you have a great friend who’s responsible for steering you to some of the best pieces in your wardrobe you don’t flinch (too much) at weaving in a few hundred ends for her newborn.  The crochet was a piece of cake, and the colours a delight. Sadly, sorry Faith, there won’t be another one for a giveaway either, though you made me smile asking! Thank you for all your positive comments on it!   The finished blanket was sections 1 to 7 of the Babette pattern, with a four round border (lilac, light pistachio, aqua, orange). Yarn was a mix of Lang Tissa Aran and Rico Creative Cotton Aran. Hook size was 4 for all non-2-round squares. The 2-rounders were done with 3.5mm or 3.25mm depending on which was to hand. Border was done with a 3.5mm hook, and joining was Lucy at Attic24’s granny joining method. Now I just need to work out what to do with the leftovers – anyone fancy a swap for a skein or two of sock yarn? Open-mouthed smile


WP_000555The Vanilla Latte sock is still in the naughty corner, holding my only set of cubic dpns hostage. I shall take it to Jumble-Jelly later in the summer for rescue. We visited there this week for a pattern for a school dress for Small Girl (guess who made the rookie error of leaving buying school uniform until a month before school starts, on the basis that child is growing like a weed in all the summer rain?) She was delighted with the twin privileges of using the wool winder with Miss Elle guiding upstream, and a chocolate biscuit with appropriate hand washing. I am thrilled that I can now cast on new socks in the Lorna’s Laces gorgeous sock yarn that has been waiting for months.

In other (good) news, my 5 balls of lovely soft pink Bergere de France Caline that have been projectless for an entire year, appear to be a possible match for the Veera Line Break shawl – fingering/4 ply should be an ok substitution for sock yarn, yes? I want a soft snuggle on the sofa type shawl rather than a silky drapy one, and I don’t mind if it comes up a little larger.

In non-yarn news, I’ve put a Brooks leather saddle onto the new bike, and now riding to the shops is uncannily like taking a trip back into the 50s, complete with uniformed men smiling, waving and stopping and chatting. I have a housework schedule that looks like it might just work through the summer holiday and beyond. Anyone who saw the state of my house at the end of last year’s summer holiday will understand why I count this as an achievement. Small Girl and I are off to Cornwall tomorrow for a few days, with a half-made yellow gingham school dress and the makings for  two pairs of socks and a Felicity hat (just so I have a choice and just in case the sun doesn’t come out Smile ). Good times.  Have a lovely week, all.


20 thoughts on “August? Already? Oops.

  1. I just love how babette came out, the colours are so bright and cheery, love it and I’ll bet little “puffin” will love it. Enjoy your time in Cornwall and its good to have a choice in projects.

  2. The blanket is gorgeous although I can barely see it through my tears after readin you won’t be doing the giveaway I planned for you to do. The colours are just gorgeous and the recipient is one lucky laddy (I am thinking all sorts of bird names, some nice, some odd!)

    Enjoy your few days away and your sewing…care to shed any light on the answer to all my housework nightmares?

  3. LOVE baby Babette! What a great accomplishment! And I think I’m slightly relieved that the baby is not named “Puffin”; imagine how that’d go over on the playground.

    As for your shawl, fingering should work just fine – that’s what most sock yarn is! Besides aren’t shawls pretty gauge-forgiving?!

  4. Oh! I love the blanket, the colors and thanks for the tips because I HAVE to make one of these….gorgeous! I’m struggling with my first sock(s) but I will persist but mine are in “the naughty corner” also…in fact they’re frogged right now but only until the Olympics are over. All those yarns are so pretty! Looking forward to seeing you start your shawl!

  5. That sock yarn is so gorgeous!! And Small Girl is utterly adorable! To let you know that in 2 weeks I leave one of mu jobs and become almost full time at another, but I shall be in Jumble Jelly on Thursdays and Saturdays, and the last week of August all day Thursday and Friday 🙂 we will fix your sock!!

  6. sigh…I am totally in love with your Babette. Your colors work perfectly together and baby with a bird name is so very lucky! Your leftovers are so pretty, but sadly I don’t really have anything to trade you for them.
    Have a super little holiday–I hope you find the time to be as productive as you want to be.

  7. so very gorgeous, And you’re right a shopping buddy’s value cannot be overstated. How thoughtful of her to provide you with a beautiful newborn to cuddle w/o all the responsibility.

  8. The Babette is just gorgeous, and I love the colours you’ve used. So fresh and bright – brilliant for a baby without being ‘babyish’.

    Sounds like you’re all set for your holiday 🙂 Packing projects is always far harder than packing everything else, I find. Hope you’ve got enough to keep you going!

  9. In all my efforts not to spoiler the Babette, I hadn’t realised you’d dreamed we’d called him Puffin! I wish I’d thought of that, and maybe we would have! 😉

    Thank you, you are amazing. x

    • Obviously I was on the right lines! The full dream name was “Samuel Puffin Alexander”. I may have been running out of inspiration at the end… The name you chose is much better.

      Thank you 😀

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