Crafting in Cornwall

WP_000701Small Girl and I came back yesterday from a too short week in Cornwall with my family. The weather was a mix of chilly pouring rain and a couple of days of glorious sun so it felt like a proper holiday. I cast on and started the Felicity Light hat with Lang MilleColori sock yarn, and it’s knitting up perfectly (albeit on the third attempt). It nearly came to grief last night when my cat got completely tangled in the yarn and set off at speed, only stopping when she managed to snap the working yarn on a dining table leg. Bah. I’m now on the last 1.5inches of the brim bit before starting all the increase rounds, which means it’s probably time to cast on a new sock for those school holiday moments when counting stitches for increases is beyond me.

Does anyone ever dream about Ravelry? I woke up a couple of mornings ago from a highly organised and satisfying dream in which I had finally (finally) stashed all my full skeins onto Rav. So guess what I’m doing next? Smile

To finish, here’s a couple of photos from the incredibly beautiful and inspiring Lost Gardens of Heligan, which we visited on one of the sunny days this week. I hope you’ve all had a good week and a restful weekend.



14 thoughts on “Crafting in Cornwall

  1. Felicity Light is looking great and I’m glad the cat didn’t cause to much damage. Love the photos and I’m glad you had a great week in Cornwall, sometimes holidays just don’t ever seem long enough.

  2. The Felicity Light looks amazing. I haven’t had a cat run off but my dogs are always getting tangled up in my yarn. I have now taken to keeping it in a zip lock bag and only having it exposed out of one corner. Holiday’s are always too short.

  3. I hate it when a small pet gets stuck in my knitting. My heart always leaps into my throat as I imagine all my stitches becoming unraveled and my yarn tangled beyond repair. Glad to see that you cat didn’t do any permanent damage!

  4. That hat is going to be great. I love the color and the look of the yarn. Kitties can be a bit destructive but I have to admit that I have to small dogs that are just as bad with my yarn.

    Glad you had a pleasant holiday even if it was too short.

  5. Our cats don’t tend to take much notice of knitting or wool now….our puppy on the other hand….to be honest it makes me shudder to think of him getting near one of my projects….he’d probably eat it…..he ate a pen this morning…..

    That sock yarn is in gorgeous colours, and looks so soft…

    Glad you had a nice break, we’ve been spoilt with a couple of days sunshine too, but were back to rain now!

  6. Kitty just wanted some of that beautiful yarn..I’d steal some too if I were closer..
    Oh, I’d love a little rain right now…the ground is so thirsty..

    hmm..I’ve never had a dream about ravelry..but that made me LOL!

  7. Beautiful hat. I love the colourway! And the lost gardens of helligan is a beautiful place, I once stitched a sampler based on them. Sounds like you had a good holiday!

  8. Gosh, it sounds like your project had a lucky escape! I know cats are magnetically attracted to anything that you pin out for blocking, but speeding off covered in yarn is taking it to a new level 🙂

    I think I’ve had the ‘organised stash’ dream only during waking hours. One day…

  9. Funny you should mention that dream, though I didn’t have it, I started adding to my stash on Ravelry…just a few for now..til I get to know my way around better…will do a couple a day…that way it doesnt overwhelm me…I absolutely love the colorway of that sock yarn…very nice choice…and I have a similar story about your cat…will post that update soon….

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