A surprising week

Some weeks turn out better than you expect. Small Girl on school holidays, the Mister working his socks off before two weeks of leave, the weather flicking like a switch between torrential rain, grey humidity and finally and briefly blue skied and glorious – all could have been a recipe for disaster. Yet somehow the week has been thoroughly good.

WP_000760First off, Felicity Light . She’s knitting up a storm, the yarn is all but rolling over to have its tummy tickled, and ALL THE INCREASE ROWS ARE DONE. Hurrah! So now I just have a handful of work even rows, then the decreases to romp through. So this might just be finished before my next update Smile Small Girl is besotted with the stitch markers and asked enthusiastically if they were bells. We have a few days break coming up and it looks like I will get to take a new project with me to cast on. Is it just me who finds the prospect of casting on something new on holiday stupidly exciting? I think it will probably be socks, I feel there is some honour to be restored after the whole heel-turning fiasco, and my sock yarn stash is starting to look almost embarrassingly generous.

Secondly, I have a whole bundle of people to thank. My generous friend, who sent two perfect bunches of British sunflowers as a thank you for the baby Babette. Supertinks, of http://masterofathousandthings.blogspot.co.uk/ , who has kindly agreed to a swap with all my Babette leftovers. I know they’ve gone somewhere where they’ll be appreciated and well used and it makes me happy to see them in her stash. Finally, the lovely lovely LJ over at http://arightgoodyarn.wordpress.com/ who was responsible for two beauteous balls of yarn pitching up on my doormat on Saturday morning, both appreciated and destined for perpetual gorgeousness. Thank you!


I hope you’ve all had good weeks and that all your surprises have been delightful ones.


9 thoughts on “A surprising week

  1. Felicity Light is looking gorgeous and I love casting on a new project at any time but in particular when I head off on holiday’s it suddenly becomes the holiday knit lol.

  2. Stupidly exciting? You bet! There is just something thrilling about it , isn’t there? Lucky Supertinks to get your leftovers as I have always loved the yarn colors you choose for your Babbettes. Like Lynn above, I sure wish some yarn would pitch up on me doorstep! 🙂
    *smiles & cheer*

  3. Nope, definitely not just you! I’m scheduled for a road trip next month and I’m already plotting my knitting. I’ll need a truck project, a camp project (Civil War reenactment so I must use icky wood needles or DPNs instead of lovely modern stainless steel circs, hence separate projects) and a spare or 2 because I am always ridiculously overconfident in the amount of knitting I will actually do on such trips.

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