a finished scarf and a failed start

WP_000791I finished my holiday project in my holiday week! The project was Sunday Market shawl in a skein of Manos Silk Blend gifted to me by the cycling/knitting/working/parenting powerhouse that is L over at Knitting, yarn and other obsessions generously sent to me. I worked HannahPark’s variation, with 5mm needles rather than 6mm. At times it was a bit of a tedious knit – you do forget just how back and forth scarves are – and I had several false starts. In my mind “YO” implicitly means WP_000794get the yarn over and do a knit stitch to secure the increase, but Becky answered my Facebook plea and explained that the YO instruction can just be literally that Yarn Over, nothing else until the next instruction. Thank you Smile I did my first intentionally dropped stitches too, all in the very last row before casting off, and they laddered to the bottom in a very satisfying fashion. The finished piece has a slightly gothic boney quality to it that I really like. So it will see out autumn and winter unblocked, as a scarf with my denim jacket, and next spring I will block it to give a bit of edge to tea dresses. Or I might just go large and make another with two skeins to get plenty of extravagant deconstructed loveliness.

For those who missed last week’s post due to me getting the link wrong on my WP_000771holiday broadband, I finished the hat for my sister. Next job is to weave in the two ends and post it off in time for the freezing autumn of the south of France Winking smile It was Felicity Light in Lang Mille Coloris. Like my previous Felicity, it was a joy to knit.

Next on the needles was meant to be Honey Badger socks in a vibrant Trek XXL orange that I had 75g of. You can see what’s coming, can’t you? I cast on, three times, due to the various influences of child and cat. I joined. I knit the first round and attached the row counter. Only then did I do the maths and realised that I wouldn’t have enough wool, and I didn’t fancy a shorter cuff. So despite the orange yelling “ME! ME! ME!” when I opened the stash bag and asked who wanted to be Honey Badger, it didn’t get the gig. Now I need to get a cup of tea and work out whether to try Honey Badger in pink, which doesn’t feel like an intuitive pairing, or the more complicated Vorticity in the beautiful green Violet Green also gifted by L, which are singing out for each other. I should have the Vanilla Latte socks back on the needles soon, as school starts tomorrow, so that will be another option.

WP_000773Finally a belated thank you to Tinks, for the beautiful skein of Lorna’s Laces that she sent in exchange for the Babette leftovers, and also for the lovely piece on her blog. I can’t comment there until I work out why Disqus doesn’t like my browser, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what she makes with them all. The Lorna’s Laces is so pretty, I’m not sure what it wants to be yet, but I know it will be adorable, whatever it is. My four year old is adamant that it will be a scarf for her, but there’s some pink aran earmarked for that. Anyway Tinks, I would recommend Trek XXL although my socks are still pretty new, the colours are good and it’s not twisty to work with.


12 thoughts on “a finished scarf and a failed start

  1. Disquis doesn’t like me either so you are not alone!
    Lots of lovely things, I love the shawl, the yarn is amazing and really suits the pattern. That yarn from Tink is gorgeous too….ooooh, what to make!

    hope your sock knitting goes more swimmingly this week!

  2. I love YOs and dropped stitches — they can be a little scary for beginners but once you get the hang of them, I think they’re great fun. Your knitting looks so beautiful — enjoy!

  3. I will just say it…Socks. Scare. Me.
    There now, that off my chest I need to gush over your gorgeous scarf–the pattern and the color of that yarn go together spectacularly. Lucky you to have this lovely object all ready to wear.

  4. I’m glad I’m not alone on the disqus thing, although, I’m very sad thatI can no longer comment on tinks blog, she does so many lovely things. I love your scarf. I love everything about it. It reminds me of the beach at the keys.

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