Fairy tale excuses

WP_000885Small Girl came flying joyously out of the school gate one lunchtime this week, waving a letter and gabbling ten to the dozen about “dressing up for school mummy please mummy please”. True to her word, there’s a Roald Dahl day at school next Thursday. She’s not really into much of the Dahl world at the moment, so my Saturday saw a bit of judicious research, then a bus trip to town where we found a metre of cotton sateen curtain lining, polka dot bias binding, 4 gloriously matt black buttons, velcro, a wicker basket from the charity shop and a water pistol. Yep, she’s going as Little Red Riding Hood from Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes. So that’s my first excuse for not much YOP project work this WP_000857week.

My other excuse was the pressing need to spend some Crafty-Yarn vouchers that my lovely friend K sent for my birthday. In the best tradition of voucher redemption, they went towards some beautiful, frivolous and extravagant skeins of baby alpaca/cotton 3 ply, to make this delectable Nothing Fancy shawl. I might need to cut my shawl teeth on on something a bit cheaper first, but my, it’s gorgeous yarn. Even Small Girl was stood quietly in the shop stroking it reverently.

After some excellent WP_000883Yarn Over help (this time from Miss Elle), the honey badger socks are finally underway, in a pink that I didn’t think would work, but does. The pattern is great, really straightforward to follow, the yarn is friendly and encouraging and I’m hoping to finish the first sock next week.

Finally, an action shot of the cape that has had me smiling all day – look at the basket looped around her ankle! I hope you’ve all had good weeks with some of the lovely sunshine that we’ve finally enjoyed here. Thank you for all your comments last week – I’m relieved not to be the only person with Disqus issues.



8 thoughts on “Fairy tale excuses

  1. The pink is totally working for your Honey badger socks! Looks like you’re almost at the heel. Once you’ve done the gusset the rest of the foot flies off the needles. Just make sure you remember negative ease – socks are definitely more comfortable if they’re snug rather than loose!

  2. The cape is so cute and so perfect for a Roald Dahl day..I think I’d be so tempted to go as an ooompa loompa rofl… Love your shawl pattern and have now added it to my favourites, when I’m supposed to get time I don’t know but its so gorgeous. Can’t wait to see your sock and what an innovative way to carry your basket lol.

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