not a sock yet

WP_000902The week didn’t go as planned, I didn’t finish the sock. I did turn the heel nicely, the gusset shaping is underway and the socks are going to be adorable (colour in the photo is not true).

In the broader picture, Small Girl has done 10miles on her little bike riding the mile to school and back again every day, I have done the corresponding 20miles on foot, printed off two shawl patterns and favourited a third (who am I kidding?) We’ve had a sixth fruitless trip to the uniform shop for a school cardigan that fits (I’m getting quite bored with this now). Two bikes have been fixed, one frying pan exchanged. I have learned that when you slip a stitch purlwise you don’t necessarily have the yarn at the front like when you purl a stitch. This made picking up heel flap stitches easier than ever.

Happy new week everyone, hope the last one treated you well and that the new one will be even better! Thank you for all the lovely comments about the cape, it was a great success and is now firmly in the dressing up rotation.


One thought on “not a sock yet

  1. Isn’t it great when you find out something so simple (like where you place the yarn) and everything suddenly makes sense and becomes less of a battle. Your sock is looking good, I do like pink!

    Your week sounded like a full one especially with all the cardigan sagas, maybe it might be quicker to make one!

    Small girl is very clever doing all that cycling, my littlest Boy (3) was watching his older brother playing football on Saturday and always brings his bike to keep himself busy, went without stabilisers for the first time….his smile was huge he was so pleased with himself.

    Hope you have a good week!

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