A lot of pink and a little maths

Pink the first – one Honey Badger sock ready to have the toe grafted shut. It’sWP_000923 worked up pretty well though I might wait a few days before casting on the second one. It’s probably useless trying to kid myself that I don’t actually have four projects on the needles, but worth a go.

Pink the second – a scrunchable bright pink scarf for Small Girl, in exactly the hot pink aran that I did her hat in last year. The pattern is simple, the yarn divine and it’s knitting up fast despite the boredom.WP_000925

Pink the third –  Veera Valimaki’s Line Return shawl in the Bergere Caline yarn that has been sitting in my stash bag mocking my attempts to get gauge in it with various failed child-sized projects. It’s working perfectly for this, so nice when a yarn and pattern decide that they like one another. The pink is a richer more clover-flower hue than the picture suggests. One false start, when about 50 rows in (sob) I realised that I really wouldn’t be able to live with the couple of fudges WP_000927that were in there already. I frogged the whole thing back, learned about lifelines (thank you Becky and Naomi!) and we’re back underway now with all the right stitches in all the places and much paranoid stitch counting every few rows. The plan is for this one to be a dry run before I do Nothing Fancy  with the really fancy Serena yarn.


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