Things I’ve been doing instead of blogging.

Let’s see. Three trips to the dentist. One contact lens check, one flu jab, one asthma check, one smear test. Various school things and the last couple of weeks of helping to set up a community cycle event. Some riding, some knitting.

The first honey badger sock is finished. I’m furious with myself about the naughty corner sock, Miss Elle kindly ripped it back for me and I can’t really talk about the gross piece of knitting stupidity that followed. I can only blame myself for trying to pick up the gusset with a grumpy child on my lap. I am so sorry Elle and promise that I will learn from this mistake.

On the bright side, the Line Break shawl by the lovely Veera is cracking on well. It’s looking a bit small, but never mind. Hope you’ve all had a good week!


14 thoughts on “Things I’ve been doing instead of blogging.

    • Thank you, I really can’t wait to tuck the shawl under my black velvet coat, they will go togetner so well. Naughty corner sock is back in a bag upstairs. Needless to say I’ve cast on the second honey badger sock instead.

  1. What a pretty pretty pink. Love the shawl. What pattern are you using? Sock in the corner again….yikes, makes me glide I’ve not tried to make socks yet.

  2. I’ve been eyeing that shawl pattern– yours is lovely!

    Some socks need a time out to think about their behavior before they can come back to socialize with the rest of us, I say.

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