Just keep knitting…

just keep knitting… just keep knitting

Nothing is finished. I’m on the last repeat for the body of the Line Break shawl, then there’s the border to do. I’ve started the cuff on the second Honey Badger sock. The other Vanilla Latte sock is still in the naughty corner (or as someone smarter than me commented last week, the place where all socks live all the time). I think there’s a lesson here – finish one pair of socks before starting the next I’m sure it would work out faster.

I have fallen hard for this Student Bank Account scarf/wrap, which is calling for all my Million Stripes leftovers. Ditto this Guernsey wrap, which I think wants me to buy either a mushy pea green or charcoal grey aran (of course, that’s before I’ve actually bought the pattern to see if it’s within my capabilities).

Finally the exciting news that there is a knit and natter group in my home town  Smile In a coffee shop, on the afternoon of the third Sunday of every month. Which just happens to be today, so I may well pop along later on, with my shawl and the annoying cold that has arrived from nowhere. Have a good week, everyone.


5 thoughts on “Just keep knitting…

  1. That student bank account scarf is really MORE delicious than adding lentils to your supper 🙂 I hope you do go to the Knit and Natter – they can be a lot of fun. Just don’t bring anything too complicated, speaking from experience 🙂

  2. What a fun looking scarf, that Student Bank Account. It looks a lot of fun to create as well as wear. I sure hope you mosied on over to the coffee shop and joined the other knitters there–I know that I sure enjoy my knitting night with friends every Monday evening after work.

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