So much done, so little to show for it.

What a busy week! Aside from Halloween sewing excitement, the Vanilla latte sock is finally out of the naughty corner. I realised that picking up frogged stitches is actually much much easier if you use a needle a couple of sizes smaller than the one used for the knitting. I worked out what had gone wrong, didn’t do it again, and now the heel is done, turned, gusset worked and foot underway. Rock and roll, people, rock and roll. The second Honey badger sock has a couple of inches worked and is going to be picked up again after I finish Vanilla Latte (my new rule is only working on one sock at a time). Nothing else done on the shawl, but no frogging either, which I’m choosing to regard as progress.

I had a disappointment this week. I came back unexpectedly soaked from the school run, pulled off my cherished Loop from last year’s YoP, and immediately noticed a strong smell of cat from the pink and green section. Washed it, dried it, smell remained. Pegged it out on the line and sprayed it with Febreeze, confident that a day and night in close to freezing temperatures would do the trick. It started to smell of lavender and went crunchy, then was rained on for the next 16hours. Once it does dry out, I’ll bring it back inside and put it in a ziplock with a dryer sheet for a few weeks. I suppose there’s always the option of ripping out that section and re-kitchenering it shut again. At least I have a cast-iron reason for casting on the Student Bank Account, once I finally get a sock or shawl off the needles. I’m still trying to make my peace with the cat.

There’s another sewing project waiting for half-term to be over – a top secret girl pirate rag doll – all cut out and ready to sew. Small Girl came home from school in tears one day, after being told by two unthinking girls that only boys have pirate lunchboxes so she couldn’t be a girl. Clearly, this is All Kinds of Wrong. So, with a rag doll pattern from Crafty-Yarn  and a clutch of loveliness from Jumble-Jelly, I’m working on a she-pirate who is part Pippi Longstocking and part Captain Jac(queline) Sparrow. Tremble in ye boots, girlies.


6 thoughts on “So much done, so little to show for it.

  1. Kids are something else aren’t they…that must have been so upsetting for small girl, it sounds like a brilliant idea for your doll.

    Glad you’ve made friends again with your sock, not that I’ve tried, but have you ever used a small crochet hook to pick up stitches? I’ve done some scarily (for me) big fixing these past few days…and I survived!

    Have a good week!

  2. Darn cats and darn mean kids! I hope both situations end up happy for you soon! And a big hooray on all the sock knitting…I am quite jealous!

  3. Argh – this is another reason I am resisting the kitty urge – hope you get it sorted. The Student Bank Account is cute, I haven’t seen it before.

    The pirate girl sounds wonderful – I hope we’ll get to see it 😀

  4. If all else fails get some smell removal product that contains the enzyme that removes the odor..I think fabreeze does make a version of it… I keep reusing it tell the smell is gone.. good luck.. they always seem to hit the important items…doc’s think that is why they get them!

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