Daddy or chips? Facebook or socks?

I suspect quite a few UK readers will be familiar with the “Daddy or chips?” commercial of more than a few years back.

Daddy or chips? You-tube link.

It’s been on my mind a bit this week, while I tried to work out why it takes me so long to knit socks. I decided that it was a case of poor time management. Whenever I have a spare 10-15minutes, which is the ideal amount of time to get in a few sock rounds without getting bored (or going wrong), I always seem to end up on Facebook instead of picking up some crafting.

Not any more. Gratifyingly, in just a few days  I’ve reclaimed enough time to cast off a scarf for Small Girl that had been waiting to be either frogged or finished for months, finished the first Vanilla Latte sock, and worked the second Honey Badger sock as far as the heel flap. I’ve made a good start on catching up on crafting blogs, so I can read and be inspired by what real people have really made, rather than sifting through the strange and seductive mix of fact, fiction, emotion and photoshopped fakery that seems to characterise my Facebook experience of late. This is all the more remarkable because it’s half-term week and we’ve had a delightful steady stream of playdates and visitors. Once I’ve caught up on my crafting I’ll do another pass through all my Facebook settings to see if I can slim my feed without losing the pictures and updates that I do enjoy reading and viewing. For now, I’m checking Facebook once in the morning and once in the evening, and finding that actually that’s plenty. I’m not really sure how I got to the point of looking at the notifications every time I went past my smartphone, but have vowed not to do that again. Or at least not until I have caught up on some more socks Smile

Thanks for all your comments last week. I’m going to have another go at the crunchy Febreezed  million stripes to see if I can restore it to its former softness and lack of odour. I do use a crochet hook when retrieving stitches that I’ve dropped by accident, but found that a smaller size of needle worked wonders for picking up deliberately frogged work. I used this again when picking up stitches on a partly frogged scarf to cast off. It did give me a slightly tight cast-off as I neglected to transfer the stitches on to a bigger needle, but as it’s a school scarf for Small Girl I can live with that.


7 thoughts on “Daddy or chips? Facebook or socks?

  1. Facebook can be a huge time suck if you let it be. DH laughs at me because I keep my friend list short and block a ton of content from my feed. I just can’t be bothered otherwise.

    I find socks the perfect thing to pick up and put down. I can do them on my train/subway/bus trip into work and I can usually squeeze in several rows at work too 🙂

    Can’t wait to see your honey badgers. I’ve been looking at the pattern and my stash and trying to decide.

  2. Loved that add and remember it well !! Ahhh the dreaded facebook, I try to just check in the mornings and again in the evenings but of late when I’ve just a few minutes and need to rest I find I’m on it. I do hide a lot of notifications I don’t want and a lot of it is just skimming over stuff. Hope you had a good mid term.

  3. I had the same thing with facebook a few years back – funnily enough I started knitting instead of reading it so much. I couldn’t believe how much I got done instead of looking at the screen. Now I tend to have notifications come up when important friends or family members post on there but otherwise I just check in a couple of times a day to see what’s going on. Hiding lots of rubbish and changing the settings for people who post lots of long dramas also helped with not getting sucked in. Good luck!

  4. I stay off facebook for exactly those reasons! it was starting to feel very high-school drama. I’ve found that checking it once or twice a week means that I actually *talk* to my friends more often, have more time to do things (like knit!) and that when I do spend time in front of the screen, I walk away feeling less… icky.

    Great sock links– thanks!

  5. I know exactly what you mean about the time suck, though mine seems to be facebook and ravelry. I spend more time reading about knitting than I do knitting at the moment I think.

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