November? Really?

The rash of poppies and fledgling moustaches at the butchers this morning tell me that yes, it really is November, but I still can’t quite believe it. Nothing gets me organised quicker than the end of the year coming into sight, so here’s an update.

WP_001097My objective for Year of Projects was to make six pairs of socks. So I need to have done three pairs by the end of December or thereabouts. This week I finished Honey Badger, and cast on the second Vanilla Latte sock. I think I can finish that one within a fortnight. The plan is then to cast on Vorticity from Alice Yu’s Soktopus to work on in December, along with the straightforward Student Bank Account for those times when child/festivities/exhaustion impair my attention span. Anyway, the Honey Bodgers Badgers worked up well and without trauma, and the Lorna’s Laces was lovely to work with although I’ve almost had my fill of pink now. I’d probably go for a slightly less busy yarn next time as the pooling saddens me very slightly, and 2.5mm needles rather than 2.25 because I like a slightly looser fit and slightly thicker needles. That said, I’ve worn them all day today and they are exquisitely comfortable.

I’d also like to finish the Line Break shawl this November, and the Pirate doll for Small Girl. It’s going to be busy. There’s also a pair of pyjama trousers to cut out and sew. I need to to be organised. I can be organised. Finally, there is a hat newly off my crochet hook. I was lucky enough to help two lovely mums from school get started with crochet, and this Woolly Owl hat serendipitously leapt onto my hook soon after one of them complained about Ravelry being addictive. It’s no wonder I moan about not finishing things, is it?

As always, thank you for all your comments last week. It was reassuring and helpful to read them all. Fortunately, I rarely regard time spent on Ravelry as lost, and at least it never leaves me feeling “icky” as Cleancup so eloquently described it.

I can’t post on Armistice Day without saying a huge and inadequate Thank You to everyone who has served past and present and who has given so much to protect the freedoms and safety that are so easy to take for granted. Thank you to you and your families.


4 thoughts on “November? Really?

  1. Funny that you say about the end of the year looming makes you more organised, for me I spend a few weeks dilly-dallying until it’s just about too late then I work stupidly to get it done!

    The socks look great, I’ve bought a sock book, but that’s a next year thing.

    I love nosing through ravelry, so much inspiration, the only thing is I end up with huge to-do lists!

    Have a good week.

  2. Pooling makes me feel anything from sad to irate. I’m afraid I shy away from busy colourways now because the results are not usually what I hope for. Yours look pretty good.

    I usually stick to the small needles – 2.0mm – for socks. I find they wear better and last longer. I adjust the pattern to increase stitches if I need to.

  3. LOL at the butchers stahes! Yes, 11/11..I have my poppy on!.. Organized, I pretend to be organized very well…but I actually work better when things are a little chaotic….it forces me to focus and the work tends to be a little better then..(cough..cough..)

    I haven’t had a lot of experience with smal size needles..didn’t really know there was that big a difference between 2 and 2.5’s.. soon.. I will attempt them soon..

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