The knitting paradox.

WP_001137I am sure there must be some good reason why using a near-sport weight yarn to make a shawl designed for finer fingering has resulted in a shawl significantly smaller than the original rather than larger. I bet there’s some ratio between yarn weight and needle-size that I’ve missed, as well as the issue of blocking (though I’m not sure how effectively a largely synthetic yarn can be blocked). I should probably have gone up a millimetre or two, even though I was within the range given on the ball band. Disregarding its travel dimensions, Line Break is now three 400-stitch rows off completion. As far as I can tell it’s worked up very nicely, I am proud of my eyelet rows and even prouder of my eyelet border. The pattern is very straightforward and easy to follow with clear instructions for the wrap and turns. As for the yarn – well it is pretty, soft, and ok to work with. I think I have a bit of a problem with sport weight yarn (which this is), I can never get gauge. It has fulfilled its mission of gateway shawl very well. I might just have to use it turned on one side.

The second Vanilla Latte sock is waiting for me to finish the shawl, which I hope will be tomorrow. I should be good for finishing both before the end of November.

Next up on the needles in December will be the Vorticity socks, a Leafy Accordion hat for my shiny new nephling (in two shades of blue without the foliage) and the Student Bank Account for days when I need super-easy knitting.

Finally, I made pyjama trousers for Small Girl, and everything is cut out and ready to go for the top. They were very quick to do and the child is delighted with them. Here is the finished Woolly Owl hat too, which was a super fast crochet project. I had a compliment on my Mushy Pea Dashing today which was very nice, someone rather younger than me asked where I’d bought my lovely gloves. That made my morning. I hope you’ve all had great weeks.



6 thoughts on “The knitting paradox.

  1. I hope the size works out okay with the shawl. I’ve only done a couple and only in merino but they ALWAYS block much huger than the size they come off the needles at. Hopefully that’s down to the pattern and not the yarn 🙂

  2. The owl hat is soooooooo cute. Love the shawl too, though I’ve never been a fan of working with sport weight yarn. Must check out your pattern. The list is really coming along nicely.

  3. You should be proud of the shawl, it looks lovely..and I agree that blocking will probably not solve the problem.. I never get gauge correct..heck, most times I go without swatching!

  4. I love the wooly owl hat, it’s so cute! And I would think that if you agressively block the shawl, it will grow a lot in size, though still not as big as you might want…

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