Good news, bad news.

The Line Break shawl is finished and blocked as far as I can block acrylic with safety pins on a towel. It’s lovely, a bit small, but still quite serviceable. I feel confident about doing a second shawl WP_001174in a nicer yarn now.

The never-ending second sock is all done by the grafting but is somehow half an inch too short. So it’s not really all done at all, the toe needs ripping back and redoing after a few more rows on the foot. It’s not really a big inconvenience, this pattern has taken so long already that another day or so will barely register. I should say that the pattern itself is fine, it is just my knitting of it that has seemed somewhat jinxed.

Outside of Year of Projects, I made the pyjama top for Small Girl, she is delighted with the set and it was very satisfying to re-visit techniques last used in ’O’ level needlework some 30 years ago.WP_001169 That must have been some good teaching. The beautifully printed cotton is from Jumble-Jelly and the polka dot binding from Crafty-Yarn.

This week’s plan is for family crafting – sewing the pirate doll for Small Girl’s Christmas gift and knitting hats for a sister and a nephling. That might be a bit ambitious, especially as I need to buy new needles for the nephling hat. Don’t ask how I know…


5 thoughts on “Good news, bad news.

  1. I’m having some jinx going while knitting hats lately..*sigh*…I’m also blocking some acrylic…but it is more like stretching! 30 years ago I was also learning to sew in class..I failed, thankfully fabric glue was invented!

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