Not such a bad week.

WP_001234The delectable tactile, soft and stretchy Leafy Accordion hat is both started and finished. It worked up in what felt like about 15 minutes, using Milla Mia merino shades Forget Me Not and Seaside. Two little glitches, both related to purling fails but nothing that I can’t live with (I’m sure there must be a knack to purl rounds on dpns). I’m not doing the foliage, I like it fine as it is. Now I just need to post it, that will take longer than the knitting did.

The socks have stayed in their bag in this week. I’ve also cast on a hat for my sister – it’s the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret in a gorgeous understated soft brown wool/alpaca aran. It’s being worked on 6mm and 8mm needles so shouldn’t take long. The yarn was wound with great pride by Small Girl so it will be a joint effort.

WP_001215Last activity for the week was the super secret pirate doll. I’m going to have a do a bit of fudging when joining the front and back as the head and neck don’t quite line up but I’m sure I can get it to work somehow. I’m happy with how she’s working up, and might even get her finished this week. There are a lot of buttons and lace and stuffing coming up, which I’m looking forward to.

Apologies for not getting round all your blogs last week, I don’t know where the days have gone. I’m looking forward to catching up!


5 thoughts on “Not such a bad week.

  1. I’ve added the star crossed beret.. I love it and am a big fan of the slouchy look..I think the leafy accordian looks better without the leaves! Please tell about the yarn for the beret, sounds wonderful!

    The doll looks like fun..I can’t sew so I’m always in awe of people who can!

  2. Love the pirate doll, to cute. Looking forward to seeing the star crossed beret, thats in my favourites but I’ve not gotten round to it so perhpas seeing yours may tempt me to get stuck into one for myself lol.

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