7 thoughts on “Colour in a sad week

  1. I just love that tree bark brown for the beret. You’re absolutely right about the charts … they read from right to left, bottom to top exactly as you see your knitting in front of you. And yes, repeats are usually demarcated by red lines or some such. For socks you’ll be knitting in the round so that makes the charts even easier; as long as you remember where each round starts 🙂

    After this week, I think a good long snuggle with small girl is very much in order!

  2. I just peeked in my copy of Socktopus; yes, the chart is read right to left because you’re knitting in the round, and the red boxed area is the pattern repeat, but remember to start the chart in the middle– where the red box stops. Then knit to the end of the chart (on the left) and begin the pattern repeat (on the right). That is a gorgeous pattern, by the by– thanks for reminding me of it! And your star crossed beret looks perfectly smooshy 🙂

  3. OH my, just how many c/o stitches for the student bank account? I’ve seen scarves that use the length wise c/o and always skip over them.. I can’t imagine c/o that many stitches!

    The star crossed beanie has become very popular.. I’ve thought about adding it when I need to tackle learning the magic loop technique..

    Hold on tight to little girl..I’ve still got a hug on my “little” boy..he’s 21!

  4. Love the beret it looks really great in that tree bark colour and those gloves will make your friends little one very happy. I really like the purple in the scarf, reminds me of the sky early on a bright snowy morning.

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