Half way through!

Six months left of the second year of projects Smile I’m not quite half way in goal terms, but I’m happy with where I am and the skills that I’m learning. Two out of six pairs of socks are done, albeit with one that needs redoing a little to fit. A shawl has been started and finished, a second Babette finished and several side projects started and finished.

WP_001350This week I’ve finally cast on the Vorticity socks in the beautiful Violet Green sole mate that I was generously given earlier this year. I am looking forward to seeing how they work up. This is a pattern that needs to be followed precisely stitch by stitch, line by line, which is fine for me as I tend to lose focus a little when doing non-stop ribbing or stocking stitch. It does mean it’s a project for child-free time only. That’s fine too as my sister’s beauteous purplish twilight Felicity is finally clear of all the increase rounds so I have the child-friendly middle rows and decreases left to do.

WP_001351Santa did find space on the sleigh for some yarn – Knitting Goddess sock yarn which is almost too lovely to be socks.

Thank you for sharing your Year of Project Blogs this year. I feel as if I’ve been party to so much – beautiful crafting and the full range of happy, sad and challenging life events that crafting helps us all to handle. Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and safe 2013.


7 thoughts on “Half way through!

  1. Thank you for sharing your life with us too! I love this group and wish we could all meet up in person somewhere to have a lovely time of knitting, chatting and drinking whatever strikes our fancies! Oh and….Oh. My. Goodness. That yarn
    Santa brought? Beautiful!
    Happy New Year cheer sent to you–

  2. I must have been on Santa’s naughty list…cuz that sock yarn didn’t make it to my house..and it should of..it’s lovely..Wishing you and your family a safe and happy new year..

  3. Thank you for your lovely (multiple) wishes – sending the same to you and yours! Lovely yarn and I can totally relate to having child-friendly knits and other things that are strictly for the time they are in bed/at their Nan’s! It’s futile to attempt anything requiring concentration when they are about 😀

  4. I make sure I always have a child friendly knitting project on at least one pair of needles. The little ones do seem to have a way of getting tangled it seems. Santa brought you some lovely yarn, I’m jealous! Happy New Year!

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