A new year, a new project added to my list.

Thank you for all your lovely comments last week. The yarn goddess skeins will be used for a hat and fingerless mitts, I’m thinking about the Hesh hat which I consider to be adorable beyond measure. The pattern uses worsted, but I wonder if I double the sock-weight goddess, check gauge and/or knit a large then it should/might work? I’ve got enough length to double the yarn and I think the blue/grey colours would work perfectly.

WP_001378I have finally found a pattern that should work with my Manos Serena. I originally bought it for the NoFa shawl, but it is the wrong kind of 3ply for that and I have learned my lesson about substituting sport weight for fingering (though anyone who’s read the paragraph above is probably smirking by now). The Arcadian shawl pattern calls for Sports weight so I shall do the body in the icy blue and the trim in the shadowy grey. The yarn – alpaca with cotton –  is so soft and light that I have to keep stopping to stroke the fabric. I’m adding this in as a replacement project for the baby blanket that was never made.

WP_001380Sockwise, Vorticity is under way, I have done the cuff and one pattern repeat of the first sock. Slowly, but on the whole accurately. The pattern is gorgeous and it’s easy to see if anything is wrong. It’s also very easy to tink back, which is another plus in my book. It’s really not child-friendly knitting though and I am looking forward to spending some quiet time on it once school re-starts next week. Originally I was going to do three patterns from the Socktopus book but I may swap out one or two in the interest of speed.

That’s it – I was going to do a progress summary but I’ll put that in another post. Have a great week!


12 thoughts on “A new year, a new project added to my list.

  1. Honestly I want to pet the shawl and I can only see it in pictures! It just LOOKS soft and delicious! I’ll be intrigued to see your sock progress, too!

  2. love the look of both your projects; I’ll especially be interested in how the sock works up in that colorway. I’ve had decent luck doubling yarn to approximate other weights, but remember that the drape can change a lot! swatching is both your friend and a lying liar that lies :p

  3. I love your yarns and their colors…the shawl looks lovely….I may just have to try one and the sock too! Thanks for talking about the fibers too….nice to know when you go “shopping”!

  4. OOoh, loving hesh too, what a fab hat! Look forward to seeing that. your projects are looking and sounding good. I’ve doubled up stuff before, but I notorously get lots of things wrong, so don’t take my word for it 😉 I am liking cleancup’s lying, liar that lies….how true! Have a great week and enjoy your free kntting time!

  5. Hesh is really cute. I’m not a fan of holding yarns doubled and not just because it’s less drapey, and not just because the gauge is never exact, and also not because it’s more splitty, but also because the stitch definition isn’t as perfect. I guess you know my answer then.

    Vorticity looks gorgeous. I think I’m gonna have to queue that!

  6. Such pretty yarn colors! I am not a very brave yarn substiter-I am so afraid of messing up my project and then needing to deal with the ensuing disappointment. 🙂 I can only imagine how soft that alpaca yarn is!

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