An unexpected kind of week

I started the week with an ill husband and finished it with an ill daughter, a completely unexpected handmade dress and about 4 inches of snow. Tummy upsets, colds, snow days and a bit of respite from it all via knitting, sewing and playing in the garden.

WP_001465Knitting wise, I reached the end of the main body of a medium-sized Arcadian and the end of the first ball at the same time. I’ve decided to continue to a large as I have two balls each remaining of the main colour and the (as yet untouched) contrast colour. It’s all going very well and I hope I won’t regret saying that.

Not so much has been done on the Vorticity sock, largely due to an absence of quiet concentrating time and the massive distraction (see below). I did however finish the leg and the heel flap, but had to rip back my heel turn which had gone wrong. Typically, I’d made it through all the pattern repeats and new start of rows ok, then faffed up on something really simple. I’m going to join the Crafts from the Cwtch The Next Step sock-along, either with a completely plain vanilla sock or by renewing my focus on Vorticity and just getting on with it (which would probably be the greater challenge). I managed to slightly felt my Honey Badger socks by putting them in too hot a wash Sad smile so they need replacing.

WP_001462Distraction of the week was sewing a Clothkits Funky Chicken Shift dress, on turquoise baby cord with a Liberty lining. Making it wasn’t without its moments, and I’ll do a separate blog post about the process. The finished dress is cute as a (hand-picked by Small Girl) button however, and I’ll definitely be doing more of their kits in the future. My mum used to make Clothkits clothes for me and my sisters back in the 70s, so being able to do the same for Small Girl has a special resonance.


9 thoughts on “An unexpected kind of week

  1. Sorry your week was so busy with sick people and I hope they are all over the worst of it now. Our snow has gone but then we don’t normally get any. Arcadian is looking great and I’m sure it will continue to be a great knit. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to knit for the KAL and love the dress.

  2. Hope you all feel better soon…it’s a bad bug! Your shawl is simply gorgeous and maybe someday I’ll do one but right now it’s socks and crochet. I keep putting them in my favs though!
    The dress is darling too…I’ve never heard of Clothkits. I’ll have to look at them. Have a good week.

  3. I know how you feel with the illness thing. Little Man has been sick for the last few days and Husband is still sick. I think he has the flu and Little Man has some sort of upper-respiratory virus. It’s not been a fun week in our house, either 😦

  4. Careful..or you’ll be the next one feeling ill… I envy people who can seems like a skill that really makes a difference..and one I failed miserably at! thank goodness for fabric glue..

  5. Sorry to hear about the illness, I hope everyone is feeling better now. I love the colour of the shawl, it’s going to look great, and that dress is so cute!

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