Socks, shawl and sewing

WP_001486The first Vorticity sock now has the fiddly instep bit done and the foot underway. It’s a little bit quicker now that I only have to follow the chart across the instep and now that all the decreases are done. I’m doing it as part of the Crafts from the Cwtch Next Step Sockalong, as these are quite enough of a challenge without taking on anything new. In sadder sock news, I wore my lovely newly-finished vanilla latte socks with my walking boots on what felt like the 95th snowy school run in a row. Toe went through toe 😦 and I have to frog a few rows again and redo the toe. Lessons learned, pure wool socks are not for me, and walking boots need walking socks. Miss Elle was right.

The Arcadian shawl is complete to the end of the single colour section for the large size. There’s still a ball and a half left of the main colour so we can deduce that I won’t be running out and that sport weight yarn has once again had the better of me. It’s going to be big enough, which is the main thing, and I’m looking forward to introducing the next colour tomorrow.

WP_001504I may have sewn a pillowcase for Small Girl this week. In pink mermaid print cotton, with a flap and french seams. It’s pretty cool, nearly as cool as listening to her chatting to the mermaids after she’s gone to bed. I may have also done my first ever pattern tracing this afternoon so that a school dress pattern will last more than a few months.

Hope you’ve all had a great week and that all the UK readers are seeing a trouble-free thaw!


5 thoughts on “Socks, shawl and sewing

  1. You’re amazing! Love the yarn for your sock pattern…gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to make my own pillowcases but haven’t done it yet. Glad to hear your shawl is working out…I love it when a plan comes together! Sorry to hear about the hole in the toe….have you ever used that nylon thread for toes and heels? I was thinking about ordering some but I can barely handle just doing it now much less introducing anything else into the knitting. Take care!

  2. Vorticity are coming on and I’m sorry to hear about your socks! Good to hear about your shawl and I like your pillowcase so pretty for a little one.

  3. Bummer about those socks, but at least you know how to fix it! Me? I would be throwing in the trash. 😉 Playing yarn yardage guessing games = stress! Happy news that you won that round!
    Your little girl sounds like a sweetie and it must have been precious listening on her little conversation. I have made loads of pillowcases and love how they turn out–it is a lot of fun to pick out all that special fabric and make it personal.
    Have a lovely week–

  4. Congrats on your seems you “may” have created a few fun items..I say this everyweek, but it is true..I can’t sew and am in awe of people who can..

    I’ve been following along the sock kal..getting up the nerve to join..

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