12 thoughts on “Half-term-ageddon is on the way

  1. I just started a fingering weight dress and it is slow going–I am wishing for a quick chunky project. Arcadian is looking lovely and a nice way to celebrate back to school time!

  2. The strawberry print is fun and I love the lining. Arcadian will be stunning.. I remember you starting the bank account scarf..all those cast on’s yikes!

    • Thank you! I love the lining too, and Arcadian makes me very happy indeed. Yep, the bank account is looooooooonnng. On the bright side, it’s not as long as Arcadian.

  3. I love your projects! Your shawl is gorgeous and I love the pattern of the hat you’re doing for yourself as I wear my hair up and that style would probably work better for me. I “faved” several of your projects! Your skirt is going to be just darling…so nice for Spring! I have sewing some clothes for myself on my list too but haven’t sewn for years. Good luck in school..all classes!

  4. Thank you, and thank you for the faves too 🙂 The hat is very easy to wear indeed and I can’t wait to wear the skirt. Coming back to sewing has been much easier than I imagined, there are some very straightforward patterns out there.

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