9 thoughts on “oh, Vienna (& Woody’s favourite deputy)

    • Yep, poor Woody taken away and tested. I was left repacking my case whilst keeping an eye on Jessie and trying to explain to Small Girl that her daddy and Woody would be back soon. You should just make a Capucine, they are one of those projects where the decision takes longer than the knitting. Thank you 😀

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  1. I’d loved to have seen the security guy’s face with being Woody’s favourite deputy lol! Great hats, I’m really liking the Aesderina which I’m now thinking could be one of the next hats I knit!

    • Apparently he did crack a smile! Aesderina is very quick. I’m doing a slightly shorter ribbed brim but leaving it unfolded, should be finished tomorrow.

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  2. Gotta love airport security! Those Mitts are going to be super gorgeous—I really love those colors….and Malabrigo? So jealous here…..glad you had a wonderful birthday celebration and I send happy thoughts to you as you prepare for Golden Monday.

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