Slow progress

It feels like not much has been finishing here. That’s not true though – my sister’s hat was finished and posted to her pronto, just in advance of last week’s cold snap. She loves it ❤ The Student Bank Account scarf is off the needles albeit with another 30 odd ends still to be woven in. I’ve concluded that multiple knitted stripes are not for me unless I can carry the ends up the sides. It does look good though and will be snug and warm around someone else’s neck- I’ve seen enough of it and the colours are saying someone else’s name.

The lace trim on the Arcadian shawl is growing slowly, each row is something over 350 stitches of gradually mounting mild panic that I might have got a repeat wrong. Most of the time it’s ok, and the dark grey yarn is doing a great job of hiding the entire pattern, never mind the mistakes. There are 6.5 rows left to go. It’s going to be perfect, even with a lost pattern. I got some rows done on the (first) Vorticity sock too, progress is slow but at least it’s happening now that I’m back down to two WIPs from four.

That’s my progress in the last fortnight. Now to catch up with everyone else.


6 thoughts on “Slow progress

  1. I think all those ends to be woven in would put me off to and I’m sure someone will love it and all the work you put into it. Best of luck finishing off the Arcadian.

  2. Congrats on making such great progress! But I agree with everyone else-those ends would do me in. I am determined when I every knit a stripe, to master carrying the yarn up with me.

  3. Really need pictures of the bank acct scarf when you’ve got the ends tucked away. When you first linked to it I was amazed with all the stitches c/o and realized it wasn’t for me (just yet) I’ve been following you and am excited to see the finished project..

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