6 thoughts on “Hurrah, some finishes!

  1. Wow Hesk is a fabulous pattern and your yarn choices are beautiful. Now I’m racking my brain trying to figure out who I could knit that for !

    Love the Bread Crock – we’ve searched in vain for months around here for one and are using a pail with a lid instead.

  2. Drat! You’re making me want to abandon socks and knit shawls to snuggle into. Nevermind that I’ve not worn a single shawl or scarf other than as outerwear this year because it’s too dang hot in my office, I want the warm snuggles!!!

    And to bake bread.

  3. Arcadian looks gorgeous as does the Student Bank Account, can’t wait to see which shawl you pick next, personally I love Nothing Fancy and the colours your using in the Hesk look great. Love the Bread Bin, thats just the kind of gift I’d love.

  4. Lots of pictures..yeah! Everything is gorgeous…Especially my favorite..The Student Bank acct..I have yet to cast on anything really big..hats and cowls are my favorite..I have been making bread by hand for a while..I’m working on a cheese bread…very nice tasting but I’m having trouble getting the cheese to mix evenly through the dough…Never noticed a bread jar before..great gift!

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