Thank you

the-liebster-awardI had the absolute honour of receiving a Liebster blog award from The Amazing Adventures of TaraCat. Many of you reading this will be knitters and crocheters, some will be dress-makers who will have followed the link from TaraCat or perhaps from Burdastyle. Anyway, thank you all, and especially to TaraCat for generously sharing my blog with all her readers – you have been so very kind and helpful to a knitter venturing into sewberspace and I love your work.  So let’s get going, grab a coffee or bookmark the page for later as this post will definitely go way over my normal 500 word limit. I need to answer TaraCat’s questions, and pose 10 of my own to blogs that I nominate.

1. What made you start sewing? Originally my Mum, who gave me a threaded needle when I asked if she would mend my doll. More latterly, it was the combination of gaining a child and losing a job, and all our wedding present pillowcases needing repair at the same time.
2. What is your favourite make? In sewing, the Pirate Zoe doll that I made for my  5WP_001319 year old daughter after she was teased at school for her pirate lunchbox. It was hard work – the pattern had its moments, there were loads of new processes, and I could only work on it when B was asleep or at school. But so many people were so positively involved in terms of support, gifting tremendous fabrics and sending other empowering goodies that this will always be a highlight for me. Click on the pic for more details.
3. ..and your least favourite make? Most definitely a baby jumper for B. I had completely gone off the yarn and colour once I’d knitted all the pieces and couldn’t bring myself to touch it let alone seam it and put it on her.
4. Which of your projects has taught you the most, and what did you learn? I’m WP_001508still something of a new sewer in this millenium so pretty much everything is a learning opportunity. I do possess a vintage (1982) Fashion & Fabric ‘O’ level so have an ancient knowledge of how zips and buttons were put in over 30 years back but had no experience of sewing things other than clothes. So the thing that comes to mind is a pillowcase, as I had to think so hard about grain, layout, the best way to cut the pieces, how to finish the seams and make the flap so that it would work the right way. I should also confess that of the 5 pairs of curtains I have made, 4 pairs are still hanging unhemmed, so I have learned from that to hem right away.
WP_0017925. What proportion of your garments actually get worn in real life? hmmm, I have a 100% success rate with sewn stuff for B and knits for her and me. I’ve only made one adult garment for me so far – a strawberry cord Kelly skirt that’s still waiting either for winter to finish or for me to work out the right colour tights to put under it. I’m currently doing muslins of dresses and nothing has yet been a good enough fit to make it to the final fabric.
6. What do you do with your sewing fails? Bin? Recycle? Refashion? My fails are all muslins at the moment, they sit in my stash bag waiting for me to start my dressmaking class next week and learn how to alter with confidence.
7. Do you have a tried and tested pattern that you keep coming back to? Not yet, though I’ll definitely be making another Kelly skirt.
8. What garment made by another sewing blogger do you wish that you’d made? Most of them, to tell the truth. The top two are this Male Pattern Boldness Toggle Coat, and TaraCat’s own Cat Scaring Danielle dress which embarrassingly I can’t find on her blog, but I’m pretty sure she made it….
9. What would you be doing in your spare time if you weren’t sewing? Quite probably prowling the house fidgeting.  Also knitting more, cycling more and still trying to bake a great spelt loaf.
10. What has been your favourite moment since starting your blog? Once again, most of them, I’m always flattered and honoured by anyone who takes the time to read or comment on my blog. Tweeting or sharing a blog post or nominating my blog for an award always makes me grin, even though I’m guilty of not always following on.

My list of nominated blogs will be a short one I’m afraid, as I’m still finding my way in this part of the blogosphere, and also because many of the ones I read are a long way above the 200 follower threshold. I think it’s testimony to the vibrancy of the sewing community that good blog news travels so fast. I could give you knitting blogs, but there are plenty listed here already. So I’m going to beg forgiveness to Mr/Ms Liebster and throw the questions open to anyone who wants to answer,let me know your url and I’ll link to you from a sewing blogroll here. Does that sound ok? Here are some for starters. – as per title. A gorgeous mixed bag of crafts, life and learning from two Lauras and an Elle. – unfailingly lovely blogging of things I Would Like to Sew. – understated, exquisite sewing and photography. In French, but photos and inspiration don’t need vocabulary skills. – as above! My French is even rustier than my sewing, but this is definitely worth a look.


Here are my rookie questions! Please don’t feel obliged to respond, and please accept my unconditional gratitude for your blogs.

  1. Where do you find inspiration outside of the blogosphere?
  2. What book would you recommend to someone starting out in dress-making?
  3. What’s your favourite sewing gadget other than machine, overlocker and iron?
  4. Where do you sew? Or where would you like to sew?
  5. If you had a guaranteed new start in a new craft or hobby (with time, talent, supplies etc) which would you choose to learn?
  6. What’s your favourite fabric to work with?
  7. What do you want to make next?
  8. Who do you like to sew for?
  9. What sewing magazines, if any, do you read?
  10. What sewing processes are easier than you expected?

Thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Great answers! I managed to lose all my old posts, including the cat scaring Danielle one when I re-started my blog this year. I’m really flattered that you like it. Maybe I should re blog it, along with some of my other makes i never got round to showing. And I LOVE your pirate doll, it’s amazing!

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me! I already replied to a similar tag a while ago, but I still might feel like doing it again sometimes, who knows…
    And I wasn’t aware I had English-speaking readers (wow!), maybe I should consider translating my posts at some point 🙂

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