Never ending knitting

The trouble with sewing is that it does make knitting look even slower than normal. Generally I’m a fan of slow – I bake bread, walk the school run, heat beans in a pan rather than microwave and so on – but sometimes I just want to FINISH THE DARN THING. I have one active project on the needles now – just the Nothing Fancy shawl (obviously I’m not counting the Vorticity socks which will stay unfinished until it’s too hot to knit anything else, so next year probably).

NoFa comprises 4 repeats of stocking stitch and lace, then a striped section and lace, then a ruffled border. I’ve just started the striped section, but have another 15 rows to go before reaching the giddy excitement of the stripes. Sigh. On the plus side, the pattern is straightforward, and the Yarn Yard merino is a delight to work with and entirely knot-free so far. I really love the colour – it’s hard to find a gentle purple – but this one is perfect with its gothic touches of grey and brown and a gorgeously gloomy pink.

Photos below are of Gizzie the cat, who like the rest of the family, is prone to thinking that if I’m STILL knitting that shawl then I must obviously be looking for someone else to pay attention to.

gizzie2Cat helping with knitting.


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