The finished frock

Here it is, Simplicity 1776 in a paisley print needlecord, lined in pale pink. Zip is a standard centred zip rather than the exposed or invisible versions in the pattern.

paisley frock

I have mixed feelings about this one.

Good- it’s an incredibly wearable dress. It goes with shoes, boots, sandals, over skinny tops and under cardigans, denim jackets and bright red trench coats. The lining makes it feel really quite special to wear. It’s a very easy fit, thanks to the A-line cut. It was a great project for building skills, including darts, zips, patch pockets and lining, and I’m proud of the finished product. The print makes me smile and the fabrics feel lovely.

Not so good – the neckline. I made the version with a square neck, and in retrospect I really should have done the higher neckline. There is just a bit too much fabric there. It keeps folding and falling forward and generally being there in an annoying way if I have my shoulders anywhere other than regimentally straight back. It also, therefore, flashes slightly more cleavage than I anticipated. It might have been fixable by cutting a size down then doing a full bust adjustment but I’m not sure I like it that much. I wouldn’t mind a bit more fit under the bust too but then of course it wouldn’t be classic A line and that was one of the things I liked about the pattern.

I’m not sure if I’d make it again. If the neckline fitted better it would work nicely in denim, or a winter tweed. It’s not at the top of my “must make again” list, but is a perfectly serviceable dress nonetheless, and the weight of the lined needlecord is perfect for warm spring and autumn days and cool summer days. My husband thinks it’s perfect, I suspect the cleavage issue has something to do with that.

The next frock is underway, a cherry print fit and flare Simplicity 1666, more on that soon!


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