Very berry Felicity hat

I haven’t blogged in ages. Sorry. This has largely been down to the trinity of lack of energy, lack of knitting mojo and lack of time. Last week, following blood tests, at least two of these turned out to be due to anaemia and an overactive thyroid gland, so my current priority is to undergo the various tests, scans and referrals that are lined up for me to start getting my health back on form and my get up and go back from wherever it has gone. Sadly, I can only blame the lack of time on myself and the restrictions imposed by a 24hr day. There’ll be two or three blog posts today as I catch up on everything, but I’ll do my best to keep them all focused and short.

felicity 1Here is the hat that I’ve knitted for Small Girl’s teacher. It’s the Felicity light  on Ravelry, with quite a few rows missed out to reduce the slouch a bit. It seemed to take forever to knit, but probably wasn’t really that long and is almost certainly nowhere near the time that the recipient puts in out of hours for school work. The yarn is Lang Mille Colori sock/lace weight and needles were 3.5mm, 3.75mm and 4mm dpns. I think this is the fourth one I’ve made and there are definitely more to come, it’s such a straightforward and flattering pattern. I’m very happy with this one, the yarn worked up beautifully into a soft, drapey, pink-but-not-too-pink hat which will scrunch into a pocket with no trouble.

I hope you’re all well and enjoying a better summer than we’ve seen here. There has been precious little sunshine. I have my fingers crossed that August and September will be better.


I always enjoy comments, thank you for reading.

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