My sewing space and fabric stash

I enjoyed reading posts on The Amazing Adventures of TaraCat and My Oh Sew Vintage Life this morning, both describing where they sew. Have a look, it’s inspiring to see how people fit sewing into their homes Smile

Here’s mine. I sew in the sparest room, it’s between guest-beds at the moment which gives me a little more space. One day I will sort proper storage, which should enable a bit more tidiness. The room is my den, and is used for sewing, paperwork, knitting stash and general hobby storage. The plan is to get a good futon in there too, to provide a bit more guest accommodation and somewhere comfy to sit. I love having my own space.

My sewing table.

My sewing table is an Ikea stainless steel top on metal legs. My only regret is that it isn’t a bit bigger. My knitting Swift and ball winder are on the front left of the table, Prym storage boxes back right. Light is a pseudo AnglePoise and tablet shouldn’t be there. Small pattern pieces get cut out here, anything larger is cut on the kitchen or dining tables downstairs.

Under the table is the newest arrival, not even unboxed yet – one of the bargain Lidl overlockers. It will stay boxed until I’ve finished a couple of things and can devote some time to learning how to use it.

The Lidl Overlord & the dullest threads I've ever bought.Perfect storage.

The Prym storage is superb, it was bought with Christmas money from my father-in-law. Lots of modular trays that clip one on top of the other but take next to no desk space. My sewing scissors all live in here along with pretty much everything notional apart from safety pins and a few larger buttons. It’s great for my dressmaking class as the lid has a carry handle so I can grab the whole thing and take it with me.

The useful corner

On the opposite wall there is my gifted dress form with various rulers, grids and blocking wires tucked behind her. Sleeve board and pressing ham are on a pile of books that shouldn’t be there, and there’s normally a radio on the window-sill. In the bottom right corner you can see the Clarks boot box that stores my patterns, tracing paper, fat quarters and tiny remnants too precious to throw out. Up front of course is the ironing board, with my in-progress Esme top and a bag of scrap fabric for school.



StashI’m not really much of a stasher, to be honest, what there is is kept in a giant storage bag with some of my yarn stash (which is more extensive). The two yellow ginghams are both failures on my part to find a decent summer-weight non-transparent laundry-friendly gentle-yellow cotton gingham for Small Girl’s school dresses. I have since learned that if you go to M&S in March or some other ridiculously non-summer month, they will have such dresses in stock. The blue silk gingham was originally going to be Elisalex but will now be the Hummingbird tail-flounce skirt. The plain blue is a cotton lining fabric, and the ditsy floral came back from Vienna and will be a vintage-style dress for Small Girl next year. I have a vast fantasy stash in my head of course, but that doesn’t count.

The last wall houses wardrobes and a groaning bookcase. I’ll spare you a photo of all of it, but here’s the sewing section with a bonus sock knitting book. To the right is a clipping that I always keep within sight. I’ll be needing that when I break out the overlocker.

My sewing books



2 thoughts on “My sewing space and fabric stash

  1. I used to sew 80% of my clothing before cycling passion bit me ..over 20 yrs. ago. I still have my sewing another city. I use it for alterations. I am very relunctant to give it up because you never know….. I might need it in a serious way later in life for saving money.

    Hence, I was a stash of new fabric in a large floor plastic bin. wish we lived in same city: I would be happy to give you some new fabric pieces.

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