Year of Projects and birthday patterns

I’m not going to be joining the third Year of Projects blogalong. Health issues covered on my other blog mean that I’ve slightly adjusted my priorities for the moment and although I shall be knitting regularly I can’t commit the time to blogging about it every week. I remain truly grateful to everyone who has shared their mad skilz and projects with me over the last two years, and who has helped on the myriad occasions when I got stuck and/or left lovely comments here. It’s fair to say that there’d be at least half a dozen fewer hats in this world if it hadn’t been for all the encouragement and support you gave me here, thank you!  I’ll still be reading YoP blogs, stockpiling ideas for the autumn and winter and gazing in awe at your various achievements, good luck to you all for Year 3! If you want to follow me on Ravelry, I’m Afterglow over there.

On the sewing side, let’s see. My Esme top came to an inglorious and abrupt halt when my newly serviced sewing machine started sewing tangles rather than stitches AGAIN. There are actually no words for the disappointment I felt just 1.5 cuff seams from the end. I need to take the machine back to the repairers, once I’ve ripped out the knots, rethreaded and finished, very very slowly and carefully. I am also going to bite the bullet and buy a new machine with a fortuitously maturing endowment policy. Other than that, I’m helping with skirts for the school carnival entry. I have my fingers crossed that the overlocker will do what I need it to do, ie quick and dirty attachment of elastic to the waists and fishing line to the bottom hems as I can’t trust my machine not to chew up someone else’s lovely fabric.

IWP_002414’ve had some excellent birthday related post this week. A book of seaside and underwater knitting and crochet patterns, which takes me back to the Maldives every time I open it. Also the ByHand London Anna dress pattern, which was a case of covet on sight. I’m torn between the maxi version with slit and the midi version in broderie anglaise. If that wasn’t enough, some generous birthday cash enabled me to lob a third pattern into my Village Haberdashery basket and check it out, so today’s postie delivered a clutch of delightful indie patterns. Namely the Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt, which I fancy short and groovy for autumn, the Sewingcake Hummingbird skirt which needs to be short and denim for the Orange variant and in a stashed silk gingham check for the Pink variant, and finally the Mission Maxi which I plan with the godet skirt in a fabric that has yet to reveal itself to me. I’m excited about all these patterns, but especially about the Hummingbird, which will allow me to fit the skirts exactly to my travel-sized hips and economy-sized waist. Of course there is nowhere near enough summer left to make all of these, even before I take out holidays, daytrips and a raft of medical and dental appointments, but that’s half the fun, isn’t it?



One thought on “Year of Projects and birthday patterns

  1. Ooohhhh!!!! We just received a delivery of the By Hand patterns in the shop I work in on Monday and I have the plain version of the Charlotte skirt almost finished! I have the Elisalex dress ready for a wedding next year and reeeaaaally want the Anna dress in either the maxi or short versions with v-neck. My knitting has really gone on the back burner in this heat!

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