Of capes and cliches

WP_001849Is there a more cliche prone outer garment than a cape? I suppose a trench-coat might come close. I started out on my vintage cape with the rough goal of avoiding both Little Red Riding Hood (possibly a challenge with a red wool) and “Call the Midwife” chic. The absence of both large initial letters and visible spandex underwear should remove any superhero comparisons. Then someone exclaimed over the gorgeous “regimental red” fabric  and asked if I’d be using shiny brass buttons. Well no, Bet Lynch style wooden leopard print ones. Then I looked at the lace printed lining and decided that the lining was too strong a contrast against the red wool and the buttons. The lining fabric will now be used inside out, WP_002698which gives a burnished shimmer of lace without the knock ‘em dead contrast against the red fabric. Incidentally, sewing a lining inside-out is surprisingly difficult, given that they are a little bit inside-out to begin with.

That was the plan anyway. After two weeks of fairy-tale elves refusing to show up and sew and turn the collar overnight, I was reduced to doing the job myself (a depressingly motivational dream that it was finished helped). I proudly showed the wonky-lapelled, untrimmed and unpressed result to the Mister, who said no, it didn’t look at all fancy-dress like and he was quite sure that his urge to dress as the big bad wolf was entirely unrelated. Hmmph.

WP_002682Sunday lunch wine has precluded any more precision trimming, which will wait until tomorrow (trimming not wine). The inside-out lining is made, and the bulk of the remaining work is handsewing, pressing and making buttonholes. There is a good chance it will be finished in time for the end of October, squeezing in as a #redoctober make. Look it up if you fancy knocking up a scarlet something in the next fortnight. Thank you to The Amazing Adventures of Tara Cat for the link.

WP_002660It looks a long way from finished at the moment, but hopefully soon it will all  be as lovely as this welted hand-flap.

Finally, I am postponing the remaining work on my Anna until it’s warmer. It’s to my shame that everyone else seems to have knocked up at least three of these and I still haven’t finished Anna dressmy first. The neckline and facings need some work. It’s quite fixable, but there doesn’t seem a lot of point in rushing to finish a summer dress in October. This of course won’t prevent me from making another one in a slinky party fabric for Christmas but with stay-stitched facings, even though that’s not mentioned in the pattern. Bah.


I always enjoy comments, thank you for reading.

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