2014 – what I want to sew & what the girl wants me to sew.

Spurred on by Louise at Sew Sensational I had a look at my fabric and pattern stash to work out what I would like to make this year.

First goal is to get to grips with stretch fabrics. I’d like to finish the leggings for Small Girl that were inspired by Mavis of Hotel Transylvania. I’m not doing too well with overlocking seams so am going to give the stretch stitch on my Juki machine a go instead. Once I’m more confident with stretch I’d like to try the Jamie Christina Mission maxi dress, the version with the godet at the back. I don’t have a fabric in mind for that one yet.

Leggings for the girlJamie Christina Mission Maxi

Next up are a couple of projects that shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. A vintage knee length lime green needlecord skirt and a sleeveless Elisalex dress, with inspiration drawn directly from Miss Moneypenny via a splendid tweedy pink cotton and linen herringbone. The skirt’s only issues are that I need to buy another 30cm of fabric after misreading the pattern envelope on my original purchase, plus another zip as I’ve decided that invisible zips are not for me. I was holding off on Elisalex due to fitting issues, but believe these have been resolved by return to health and Christmas weight gain. Well, it was probably easier than doing a full bust adjustment.

Lime green cord skirtMiss Moneypenny, meet Elisalex

Colette Walden Duffel CoatThe big reach project will be a pattern given to me for Christmas – Colette Walden duffel coat. This is meant to be a woman-friendly bloke’s pattern. Given that no-one wears duffel coats for their slinky fit I’m willing to give it a try. As long as the sleeves are the right length I’ll be happy. I’ve coveted a duffel since outgrowing the splendid Harris tweed one that my mum found at a jumble sale some thirty plus years ago. I fancy making this one in a muted pink, teal or bright green wool outer with a patterned flannel lining. If I still fancy a stretch after all that topstitching, lined sleeves and toggle-attaching I shall make some nightwear, and maybe something from my growing collection of Burda Style magazines.

To finish, my fashion-forward five year old keeps presenting me with “designs” for me to realise. There’s actually been a couple that are quite make-able, from mainstream patterns at least.

So the purple trousers and yellow top could come from Simplicity 1785 above, and the pink and black dress is not a million miles from Simplicity 1596….

Simplicity 15962014 b 22014 b 1

Happy New Year to you and yours. May your 2014 be happy, healthy and full of inspiration.


3 thoughts on “2014 – what I want to sew & what the girl wants me to sew.

  1. Ooh, ooh, I might have to join you with Albion!! I really love that pattern and would like to make a coat this year!!! Elisalex is one of my very favourite patterns for any occasion, I live in my sleeveless denim one 🙂 First this year though is an Archer shirt!

  2. Excellent, I can see you in an Archer shirt 🙂 Would love to see your denim Elisalex, have been tempted to do one in denim but fell hard for the pink herringbone. Am going to hold off on Albion until they publish the companion as I’ll probably tweak the fit just a little.
    Happy New Year to you and your boys!

  3. Your list of makes looks very impressive, what a great challenge….i would love to make clothes, although I’ve never been much cop on my machine…..talking about machines that Interlocker looks scary beyond, i didn’t realise that they cut thefabric too i can imagine what scrapes I’d get myself into! I would be holding my breath continuously! All the very best for 2014 you, yours and your new wardrobe!

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