Patchwork, Hell freezing over & Things That Matter

I’ve never had any great plans to do patchwork or applique beyond the cushion covers I made in my teens, and the applique quilt that I hand stitched from a kit bought in Tahiti while my sister lived there. I’m truly blessed with with a great friend who makes quilts that are as beautiful and wonderful as she is. She has marked pretty much every much life-changing event in my adult life with a stunning quilt, for which I shall always be off-the-scale grateful. I knit and crochet blankets, and really that should be enough bed coverings in one house, although my blankets always end up in the front room being snuggled under or turned into dens and dolly slides. Anyway I was pretty sure that it would be a cold day in Hell before I started cutting perfectly good fabric into small pieces then sewing them back together again.

Today, I’d finished the big grocery trek around town and was enjoying a coffee, a brownie and the new BurdaStyle magazine. I’d made my mental list of what I fancied making and was skimming through the back pages when I was stopped short by a patchwork quilt. It looked straightforward enough for a novice to sew. I thought of how much I miss seeing a handmade quilt on Small Girl’s bed. I thought of all the lovely fat quarters of quilting fabric that I’d used to make Barbie cloaks, party bags and her Pirate Zoe doll. I thought of all the things that matter to her, and of how nice it would be to capture these loves in a quilt to keep her warm and inspired. I remembered that my new sewing machine is capable of quilting. I paid the bill and set off into the rain, bound for the little fabric shop with the random opening hours. If they were open, it would be a sign, right?

quiltThey were open. I came out with a cutting mat, a rotary cutter and an array of fat quarters encompassing space, shoes, hearts, music, pirates, mermaids, frocks, sewing, pink, faeries, Christmas, flowers, fish, beach houses, bikes, campervans… I have a few pieces left over from other projects, and there are plenty of other quilting retailers. It would be nice to find fabric with Barbie or Hello Kitty, cakes or cookies, princesses and girl musketeers. I’m sure they must be out there.

Wish me luck, I’m going in.


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