Mental blocks – making the Things that Matter quilt

Actually, it’s not very complicated at all. There’s no stitching other than basic straight machine stitching, no tacking (basting), no buttonholes, no darts, no zips, no facings. There is a lot of walking around my den in between the desk with my sewing machine, the ironing board and the piece of floor with the cutting mat and all the ziplocks holding the fabric on it. There is a significant amount of ironing/pressing, but it’s only one short seam at a time. There’s no knotting of ends, and I finally get to use the magic button on the machine that snips them for me. I don’t use it when dressmaking because it tends to create a tiny thread tangle on the back when starting again. This doesn’t matter on a quilt top though since everything will be enclosed.

There’s no way that I’m going to get the whole quilt out of 16 fat quarters. Well, I don’t think so. I should qualify that assertion with the small caveat that I haven’t yet decided how big to make the quilt. It’s nice that it all seems to work though, any smaller ends left from longer strips can be used at the start of the next square. Pieces that were cut crooked can be used too, just trimmed down slightly narrower. It’s incredibly liberating not having to care about any metrics beyond the seam allowance and checking that the finished block is slightly bigger than the 12.5inch square ruler. Since the whole point is that the blocks are wonky, there’s no angst about lining everything up properly. Returning briefly to seam allowances, the 1/4inch patchwork foot is fantastic. So easy to get the seam allowance right on every piece!

I’ve done two squares this weekend and started on the third. It’s all coming together in a very satisfying manner. Small Girl is enthusiastically letting me off Bat Man game-playing duties on the understanding that I crack on with her quilt. I’ve also ordered some more of the black/magenta striped jersey so that I can run up the Jamie Christina Mission maxi dress should either inspiration or thread run out.

Here are some photos.


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