Sew Grateful – what a difference a year makes!

This time last year I was a few weeks into a dressmaking evening class, with a short trail of garments of varying success behind me, and my O level Fashion & Fabrics a very long way behind me. I was being teased, tantalised and tempted by a variety of fantastic completed projects on the internet, as well as touched by the generosity of time and skill-sharing by the writers of so many of these blogs. The lovely Amazing Adventures of Tara Cat was my gateway to the seamy side (hopefully she won’t mind that choice of words), and I remember being frankly stunned by the Sew Grateful project in which she shared. I would list more blogs but the sensible thing to do is to update my link list once I’ve posted this.

12 months on, I’ve done two terms of evening classes, bought a new machine and an overlocker, and have worked with jersey and tailoring, carnival costumes and quilts. The Great British Sewing Bee is shortly returning for Season 2, and my list of planned sewing projects is so long as to be almost intimidating. It’s time to give something back.

Join me from Mon 24nd February for pattern giveaways, link sharing and more embarrassingly gushy thank yous….

Edit… anyone with a diary will have spotted the error in the original graphic.. Sew Grateful actually runs from Monday 24th February to Sunday 2nd March. Corrected graphic to follow.


One thought on “Sew Grateful – what a difference a year makes!

  1. I was only saying last night I’d love to do a dressmakers course, i watch the sewing bee in awe, I love how they sew along certain lines in the pattern for no (to me) apparent reason, and then out it jumps a dart or tuck and it all comes together. Its definitely not on the near horizon, but I will do it, my mil is the queen on patchwork,but everything always seems so not my chaotic style when she is working it feels very unobtainable. Well done on your new found cleverness, what an amazing skill to have gained!

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