about the good purl

I’m a crafting, bicycling sax-playing woman, wife to the Mister and mother to my six year old daughter. A long time ago I worked in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Technical Writing. Now I write two blogs and mitigate domestic mishaps.  I did just have the one blog but once I started crafting again it became apparent that both my dining room and blog were disappearing under yarn and fabric. Hence good purl gone bad was born, so I can write about wool as much as I want without unbalancing the topics in mixedbabygreens.

Anyway. I’m Kate. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my blog.


2 thoughts on “about the good purl

  1. Hiya! I would love to pick your brain about cycling, and Im sure we’ve chatted before. Would you mind pm’ing me on Ravelry? I’m ljb12 many thanks!

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