Desperately seeking unfussy knit patterns for kids

I think it started with Tilly’s lovely Coco dress for grown-ups. Or it might have been the summer Boden frocks, though I could do without the applique. Or possibly the need to replace some M&S gorgeous heavy jersey board-style shorts in a broad pink/white stripe that Small Girl cherishes and has out-grown. Whatever it was, it wasn’t helped by the gorgeous striped organic cotton jersey at Village Haberdashery (right).

I need clean-cut, unfussy patterns for a t-shirt dress and drawstring or elasticated waist long shorts, all for knit fabric, for a six year old. This is proving difficult. I don’t want puffed sleeves, yokes, zips, shirring, gathers, frills or ruffles. I don’t want spaghetti straps, bodices, wraps, faux-wraps or belts. I don’t want a fly front or turn-ups on the shorts. I want a simple A-line dress with short sleeves. Something that the girl can get into and out of on her own and that I can sew up in a heartbeat. She has enough with the frills and trims already, what she needs is easy summer stretchy simplicity.

It shouldn’t be that hard to find such patterns, should it? The ease of wear and laundering of a good stretch fabric lends itself to simplicity of garment design and such a pattern would be great for new-ish dress-makers. An A-line t-shirt dress has to be a classic surely, or does Boden really have the monopoly on design here?

Yet the pattern world is letting me down, the big 4 and indies alike. Even my 12 month stack of Burdastyle can’t deliver. Prove me wrong please, point me to your tried and trusted childrens knit patterns so that I don’t have to scour E-Bay for a cheap Boden frock to take the seam-ripper to. Or I might have to learn pattern drafting, or wait for Tilly to launch a childrens range. Please and Thank you J