What’s new, pussycats?

As Sir Tom might have sung, had he been a blogger. Let’s see…. First off, massive Thanks to everyone who provided such great pattern suggestions in response to my last post. My current project is to get better acquainted with my overlocker, then I will be cracking on with some gorgeous dresses and shorts.

I have three finished projects to blog about today – two jersey dresses and a scarf.

First up, the Mission Maxi dress by Jamie Christina. I made the view with the ethereal, trailing godet at the back, using the same magenta/black striped rayon jersey that I used for Small Girl’s Mavis leggings. Clearly I had lazy floaty weekends at home in mind for this dress rather than the school run (a maxi dress with a godet is a bit like a wedding dress, in practicality terms). Anyway. I loved the pattern. It was very easy and quick to use. The size I cut is the perfect fit on top and waist, if a little loose on the hips so I’ll grade that section down a bit next time. It was the proverbial piece of cake to sew. The only small glitch I had was not getting the point of the godet quite right, but it’s good enough and can be fixed when it annoys me enough. I also stupidly left the godet piece hanging over a chair back overnight, so it grew a couple of inches due to the bias resulting in an uneven hem. Fixed with scissors. The neckband was done differently to any other I’d done but worked perfectly and is a method I’ll definitely use on other projects. I sewed the dress with the stretch stitches on my Juki, and I haven’t hemmed it but will trim it. I’m planning on another one but minus the godet and with a very slightly raised neckline. This was one of those projects that has you looking at the finished item in bewilderment, thinking that it really can’t be finished already, can it?

Next, the world’s brightest Hello Kitty dress. Pattern was Simplicity 1435, the view without sleeves and with a two-tier skirt. Fabric was a cotton/elastane single jersey from Stone Fabrics. I had a lot of reservations about sewing this dress. The pattern and the fabric were both pretty “busy”. Getting started wasn’t easy because the cutting layout required a single layer of fabric and mindful of my Mission experience I didn’t want fabric hanging off the sides of tables. @Pansipotter999 on Twitter came to my assistance and suggested placing paper on the carpet first to provide a smooth layer to work from. Result. Then there were problems finding and keeping a straight fabric edge so I could get the pattern pieces placed on the grain. I applied my “near enough is good enough”, “she’ll outgrow it soon anyway” and “it’s only sewing” mantras and did my best. Once it was cut out the pieces seemed to fly together. Again, I was using the Juki although I think an overlocker would have been a marginally better choice in a couple of places. I didn’t love the neckband method on this one so much, if I made it again I’d use the Mission method. Anyway, other than adding a red bow to the shoulder or neckline, the dress is done and the girl properly loves it. Thank heavens. It’s still dress-shaped too so hopefully I got the grain right.

Finally, the scarf that I’ve been knitting for my sister is cast off and ready to post. Hopefully she won’t need it for a few months yet but you never know. The scarf is lovely – made in Malabrigos Merino Worsted – and has been adored by everyone who’s seen it. It’s knitted in a “mistake” rib and is gorgeously soft and scrunchy. The pattern is the “scrunchable scarf” on Ravelry and I worked with 38 stitches, slipping the first stitch of each row purl-wise and knitting the last stitch of each row. I now get the bonus for finishing, which is deciding what to cast on next. Hope you’re all well, and thanks again for all your comments on my last post.

Lovely soft warm scarf

Lovely soft warm scarf